[Advice Needed] I Like My Younger Sister’s Friend, I Don’t Know How To Ask Her Out. Please Help!

She is my younger sister’s friend, but I do like her very much. I don’t know how to tell her because she is my sister’s friend and I don’t know if she likes me or not. She comes visiting a lot and even asks after me from my sister. What should I do?

Dear DS,
I think you should make enquiries from your sister since she is her friend. She would be able to tell you more about her – if she is in a relationship or not, if she likes you or not. Then, you can take it from there. However, if your sister would not open up to you, you can make friends., then you should read her body language. You can even come out straight to her, there is no crime in asking.
She might like you as well.
All the best,

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