[Advice Needed] I Don’t Like Him Anymore!! How Do I Leave Without Hurting Him?

images confused galDear Tee,
I liked this guy from a distance, then I worked my way through and got his attention. Later, I discovered he was not who I thought he was. He looked very smart from afar, but when we talked, he can’t even express himself in simple English language. How do I pull out? He has fallen in love with me and I don’t want to hurt him. Please help!

Dear MY,
You made a mistake by leading him on, but then I think you should pull out now while you can. I would not advise you to go into a relationship out of pity. Let him know how you feel, but be careful in the choice of words you use….it would be rude to say “its sad you can’t even express yourself”.
Hope this helps,

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