[Advice Needed] I Am Despised By My Mother Because I Have No Job! What Should I Do?

frustratedDear Tee,
My mother is my own enemy. I am a graduate and I have been jobless for the past 3 years. The issue is she is always against me whenever my siblings and I have issues. I strongly believe it is because I am still dependent on her while my siblings are not. Infact, they support the family. This is really embarrassing. What should I do?


Dear Wale,
I am sorry about the economy of this country. It hurts to see thousands of graduate roam the streets joblessly. However, you should think of what you can do for now…. Maybe a small scale business or so. You can start from little!!! Also, you should not wait until you get a high paying job, you could even start from teaching in a school or other low paying jobs. Just try as r much as possible to do something…. No matter how small it is, just to keep yourself busy. Also, endeavour to avoid any hullabaloo between you and your siblings. Stay at peace with them. I am sure that soonest you
would also become independent.
All the best,

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