[Advice Needed] He Would Not Call For 3 Days, Should I Quit?


Dear Tee,
I am 28 years old. I met my boyfriend when we were doing our Masters programme in University Of Lagos. The annoying thing is sometimes he does not call for up to three days all in the name of being busy. He claims he loves me, but he does not show it…. Our relationship is a year now and I am thinking of calling it quit. What should I do?

Dear Temmy,
I understand that we all need attention from our spouses. However, some people are too busy that they forget to care about their partners…. But I also believe that if one really care about one’s spouse, they would be on one’s mind and one would find time in the busy schedule to call and care about them. Well, you should discuss it with him if you have not…. Ensure you have a deep conversation with him first and see how he reacts…. If he does not change, dear sister, I think you should move on….. I think you should let him go….. If he is really interested in you, then he would show it.
All the best,

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  1. To be busy is a reason to some reasonable extend but not as such.
    I’m a victim of not being use to calling; I just hate it.
    But my advice to you is this: be patient!
    Patience is no longer a virtue among youth especially girls!
    Think of better ways to be more useful to yourself.


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