[Advice Needed] Do Virgins Still Exist?

I met this girl 3 months ago and I really like her. She is so beautiful. We started dating and last weekend she came visiting. I had already planned that we would make love, we started kissing and all that. I wanted us to have sex, but she declined so harshly. What the hell was happening? She told me she is a virgin! Unbelievable! I have stopped talking to her since then. Tee, are there still virgins? She is 26 years old.

Dear Olu,
There are still virgins, it does not matter the kind of girls you have met in time past. And I want to believe she is telling you the truth, forget her age! There are single ladies much more older than she is and are still virgins.
She is not willing to have sex, respect her choice and be happy with it. I hope you would ask for her forgiveness now that you know.


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  1. I know of a man who married his wife @ 28, still a virgin.

    Come to think of it, why would you subject yourself to sinning against your bodies? You met her just three months ago and you’re demanding sex already. This shows that you didn’t love her after all and her beauty is the one inside her dress and not the outer one. The Westerners have soiled your minds with immoralities like sex and other vices in relationships.

    Ever wondered why there’re broken marriages shortly after couples get married? All the fighting and killings in marriages are caused by infidelity. Once you’ve had sex with your partner, the trust will varnish. Pray for mercy and change your ways, b4 it’s too late. Judgement day is near

  2. am 19, hw am i sure if m stil a virgn, av neva had sex..but ma ex fingered mi sha..buh wen he wanted sex, i broke up wit him cus i dnt want sex..am i still in tact?


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