Actress, Liz Da Silva Converts To Islam Because Of Baby

Nollywood actress, Liz Da Silva who gave birth some weeks back has converted to Islam.


The Togo-born actress who converted from Christianity to Islam after her childbirth did her Islamic name change (Wonka liz_da_silva_baby_nameCeremony) after which she changed her name to Aishat Olaoye.

The actress said she preferred to be called Aishat instead of her former Christian name.

“In case you want to know I have a good relationship with my baby’s father and that is why I had to convert to Muslim and got a new name Aishat before they baby was named. I am a Christian, but I had to convert to Islam because of my baby,” Liz Da Silva revealed in a recent interview.

Insiders revealed that the actress has secretly disclosed that the man who impregnated her is one Alhaji Olaoye, a close friend to popular Oshodi transport boss MC Oluomo.

Because of the closeness between MC Oluomo and Liz Da Silva’s baby father, the actress was linked to him.

Another source said the actress wasn’t a committed Christian that is why her conversion to Islam was made easy.

A close friend of Liz disclosed “She’s my close friend and I feel so disappointed for her abrupt change of name. She didn’t even seek any advice prior to taking the risk. Her Alhaji must have used remote control for her”

“I remember the day I warned Lizzy to beware of men but she promised me he is just helping her out of her financial woes. “


  1. she’s not a genuine christian,here her”i have a relationship with d baby’s father,that’s why i have to change”.not that i’m convince that’s the way to genuine repentance or divine encounter with the Lord.definitely she’s confuse.may God open her eye to c where she’s going,(amen)

  2. God is wonderful to u my dear. God intensionally brought u 4rm darknee to light. Almighty God will c u tru n bless ur union with ur new born baby. AMIN

  3. Welcome to islamic world,may Allah reward you here and hereafter,just make up ur mind, is a religion of peace.And try to get some islamic book and know about d religion,salamalykum

  4. u are welcome my dear sister, islam is a religion of peace not minding the insurgence they (medias n christains) have attached wt it, we are real muslims we never fight nor being deceitful and we dont tempt people wt world things to convert to our religion. ‘idina siratal mustaqim’ only ALLAH can guide one to d right path.

  5. she’s nt a christain dts y she got a baby out of wedlock. Wht else do u expect frm her. Thats pure darkness! God hv mercy on her and her innocent child. We’ll all knw & bear d truth our d end time.

  6. You are highly welcomed sister in islam(Aisha) and may Allah strenghten and make you steadfast in the true religion that’s Islam…alhamdulillah!

  7. Aisha welcom to the best religion in the would no dougt that islam is a religion which mantain apsolute peace in any environment. May Allah bless you and your new baby boy amin

  8. Peace indeed! Terrorists is now peace, right frm its inception. Celebrating a woman u had a child with man that is not her husband. ‘By there fruits u shall knw them’ hell fire looms…True Christainty is nt a religion,its a true fellowship with God thru our Lord Jesus. I pray 4 Gods mercy,to open ur eyes,and see the true peace which is peaceful and everlasting. Amen..

    • @ Buhari- through terrorism and Jihad. No wonder you are committed to it by heck or crook through carnage, suicide bombings etc. The religion of peace in deed. Go and join your miserable Mohammed who said i don’t even know the way.

  9. I will strongly recommend that this website should be careful with religious issues and how they portray them. clearly the writer of this article is biased against islam.

    • Allen, u ar right. Journalists should be objective in their reports. D way he/she presented d write up is subjective n even makes d content of d report doubtful. Guess u ar a mass comm student? Coz ayam one n a reporter should never b sentimental

  10. Y u pple ar againt islam bcos someone convert 2 muslim dat y u ar saying d man u remote wat about muslim dat convert 2 ur religon my dear dnt hear wht dey say continue u ar wlcm 2 islam d religon dat is peaceful n i pray u hv peace in ur marriage n god ill procet ur child n contnue bless ur family in d name of almight allah cont ur prayer

    • R-E-A-LLY? I thot someone should have reminded us what Islam says about fornicators and adulterers. What are we celebrating here? How true is this conversion anyway? She was definitely never a Christian, she was just a woman of easy virtue/prostitute who could easily flow in any direction where she could satisfaction for fleshly desire. May God show mercy.

  11. Islam iz a religion of peace nd d total submission 2 d will nd commandment of Allah… Sist Ayisha d name whch u’ve choosen iz a blessed name nd ur cumn 2 Islam iz a total submission nd beginin of peace in2 ur lyf…. Dnt listen 2 wat d non-muslims ar sayn 4 1day dey will hv dia slvz 2 blame…. Doz sayn all sortz of rubish abt Islam iz jux 2 ask ALLAH(SWT) 2 4GV DEM ND OPEN DIA EYEZ 2 knw d 2ru religion…. Once agn i say Welcum 2 ISLAM my dear Sist AYISHA…. may Allah continue 2 strenghten u nd ur family in d religion nd hereafta

  12. yi avre gone xo far,,,leaving christainity 2 islam,,,,,yur friend is rite yu ave been remoted by d Alhaji,,,,,,may God be with yu and be able 2 remote yu bak 2 serving him o,,,amen,,,dnt worie i wil be putting yu in my orayerz so dat God wil open yur eyes,,,kai,,,love na bad thing o,,,aniway its nt gud 2 judge nt 2 talk of judging between religions

  13. Both Christian and muslim should be very careful and mind our speech when it come to issue like this. There is not nothing wrong in xtain convert to muslim and muslim to xtain it only depend on your choice and your believe toward both religion. And again when are we going to open our eyes and see that all this religion issue is advance slavery here in Nigeria bcos both religion is not practicing the it suppose to be, it is here in Nigeria that the whole bishop rape 15yrs old girl, and some are killing in the name of islam, my pple wake up from your slumber.


  15. No doubt she’s a sinner b4 our Lord, but wit dis convert insha Allah. Allahu (S.W.T) wil answer our prayer 4 her 4gvness. Alhamdulillah she got d name of Rasulullah most lovely wife. Allahu Akbar 3x jazakumullahu khayran.

  16. I Neva blame dem xtain bcus dis z d end of d world but Allah only show d way 2 dos [email protected] he love ….alhadulilahi 4 being a Muslim,sis Aishat u are well com 2 d only religiou [email protected] almighty Allah as z hand in t,may he guide u & ur family among d enemys of Islam

  17. I Neva blame dem bcus dis z d end of d world but Allah only show d way 2 dos [email protected] he love ….alhadulilahi 4 being a Muslim,sis Aishat u are well com 2 d only religiou [email protected] almighty Allah as z hand in t,may he guide u & ur family among d enemys of Islam

  18. many r called but few r chosen’ many unborn again or camouflage christains r heading to hell not to talk of a violent religion, where terrorist is now caption as peace, i pity alot of souls. Like our Lord Jesus said, false prophet will mislead many,even to the very elect. (Mattw 24:24). I pray for Gods mercy & de renewal & repentance of their evil and violence foundation,for many r born into ignorance of the Gospel Truth…

  19. Why is it that 99% of terrorism in the world is perpetrated by muslims and yet you call it a religion of peace? And to the actress na longer throat and laziness dey worry her. She’s even convinced that she’s just scamming the Alhaji to get her daily bread.

  20. When hve men bcom so dangerous dat women shud b wary of dem. D reporting itself is bias bcoz it made it seem as though being a Muslim is mundane. This is Nigeria, a secular state where one can decide not to hve a religion. Let her b.

  21. Say whatsoever you wish to say, this gentle lady is now a muslim and is a challenge for other christains , despite all the efforts being made by enemies of Islam to see that islam stop spreading in the world, your efforts are to no avail. Allah Has said it that “He will fulfil His light even if the non believers does not like it”
    what that Alhaji did was wrong but her conversion to Islam through him may result to forgiveness on him.
    Welcome to Islam sister AISHAT. May you die with your faith. I am inviting those commenting to come and taste the sweetness of Islam.

  22. God forbide! She’ll neva die with dat faith even u.thats straight hell fire, i pray dt God open all ur eyes to see and accept Jesus Christ, the Author and finisher of our Faith. Hebrews12:2

  23. U’re welcom, Aishat. I jst wnt 2 urge u 2 pay no attension 2 wht unbeleivers re sayin abt u. Islam is a true religion,even jesus (Issa) himself is a muslim ,yes! N he worship only One God.4rm d 1st (creatn) prothet Adam A.S.W. 2 d (last) prothet, Muhammed S.A.W. They al worship Only One God, (Allah ) wic created heaven n earth,here n hereafter,u n i,e.t.c. My prayer is, May Allah (S.W.A) guide us 2 d right path.the path of those whom He has favour non the path of those who av gone astray. Amee.. Ma’salam.

  24. MORHABA BIKUM YAH RAMADAN.I don’t knw why som chritian always abuse prophet MUHAMMED (SAW)may GOD 4give all of u bcos u av gone astray

  25. Why are you people worried? A lady who has a baby outside wedlock, Biblically is she a christian? she is never a christian, so why are you so worried pray that she may realize her mistake and turn to God, cus even in Islam she’s still against God’s will

  26. Ola,dnt blame them. Do u knw dt sa’tan tel d Lord dt,he wnted 2 ave his own fellowship n the Lord agree,right? We al knw dt hell fire is real n am very sure is created 4 we humanbeing. So, my brother, u dnt need 2 worry urself abt. Even if possible 4 them 2 go 2 his grave n destroy it,let them do it. Eniti Olorun baada ni omo ina,kosiboselesé, iwa omo ina naani yiomowu koda tobasepe ijokeji niojade laiye,yiowuwa omo ina. Ki Olorun mojeki oro enuwase akoba funwa.

    • who is more insane as the one who worship a condemn criminal who was hanged on a cross and claiming d same criminal to be God.

  27. U̶̲̥̅̊ лε much ωεІςφ♏ε ◄•Ϟ•⌣ M̶̲̅Ɣ dear Aishat, May Almighty Allah protect U̶̲̥̅̊ Ãήϑ U̶̲̥̅̊Я baby amin.

  28. U are welcome to the religion of peace dont mind them because they are heavenly blind,just keep on moving for progress,tell them to go read (the gospel of the banabas & the science of the Holy Quran & bible)

  29. There is no compulsion in religion. Liz now Aishat is an Adult and has the right to Choice of the religion she wants to practice. My only Observation is the PRAISES and ABUSES she has been receiving from both sides of the divide. We know what GOD’S LAWS and COMMANDMENTS say in both ISLAM and CHRISTIANITY with respect to ADULTERY and FORNICATION and the PUNISHMENTS attached. We should not be sentimental but be objective in our comments and NOT to Abuse each others FAITH because we feel we have LOST a member or we have GAINED a member. ….Just Thinking Loud!!!!!

  30. Aslamu allaikum. Aishat I will like 2 say a very welcome, u are a sister & a good mother in making a good lifetime decision & u have choosing life full of light, Islam is the light

  31. Is being a long time. i said sometn last over religious issue bt 2nit i will not want to talk abt superiority of religion,i will say let us leave the lady alone. I am a christian to the long as she does nt badmouth christianity and christiandom i av no fight with her. For you that christian antagonist if you know u can defend ur very well am available.

    • can you compare it with the gay bishop,the rapist pastor and the manufacturer of weapon of mass destruction which one is worst among these.stop deceiving people ,Christianity is the worst religion or faith on earth.what about the corruption in the Vatican bank,what about the killings of innocent Palestinians by Israelis who claimed to be religious,colonialism in Nigeria by Britain also come along with Christianity,how can you be cheating people and claim you practicing a good religion.

  32. I did not want to tlk before but musa kazeem jolted me out of my shell,musa,you are talkn abt gospel according to barnabas,if u urself had read it from a-z u will see that is a aprocryphal book which is nothn rather than a fable. I one of pages he said somtn which is not possible like HAVING A SUN SHONE FOR 24 HOURS this was even rejected by both christans and muslims,in another page he said jesus wanted to be killed bcos he told ppl that the messiah expected would come from ishmael linage.he also said that adam saw an hand writting in the sky saying there is only one God and muhammed is his messenger,imagine the time of adam to muhammed more than 5000 difference,

  33. Aisha don’t mind the critics whatever the sin is only Almighty God(Allah) that forgive we human-being of our short comings,you re welcome 2 d right path,the true Jesus Christ is a Muslim, Muslim means true believer in one supreme God(Allah)Jesus worship Almighty Allah throughout his days on earth and he enjoined us to do d same by following the first commandment of God which himself uphold. Jesus is never a christian,Christianity is never a heavenly religion it is man-made faith, because Christianity means Christ follower,Christ can not follow himself

  34. Badara i can see that u are nothing but a deluged follower of a criminal who was interested in having sex with every woman including his adopted son syeed,quran 33:37,a self acclaimed prophet with interest in marrying a girl of 9yrs old (aisha) under the pretence of revelation,a self style prophet who was given permission to marry any woman of her choice but limit his followers to four quran 33:50,if u want more am available. Badru wake up. Jesus christ was born without any blemish or any sin Quran 19:19 so who is more insane than who follow the unlettered prophet who knows nothn but related distorted story,who is more insane than someone who followed aprophet who approved his armies to sleep with captured women (bukhari hadit)

    • who is more insane as the person deceive other by turning the scripture upside down for his ignorant and false claim,tell about prophet David and Solomon in your bible are they going to hell on the account of marrying more than one wives,tell the sin committed by Melchizedek the high priest in the bible who has no beginning nor end no father no mother,but Jesus Christ have mother.

  35. My brothers and sisters,she has every right to choose for herself which religion to follow,the christians never said anything bad about her previously so why now?simply because she converted to islam?no no no let’s not give a dog a bad name just to hang it,who knows?some of those attacking her might one day do the same she did,we need to ask her why if the truth must be told.

  36. Uhm!it is in the scripture,and THE QUR’AN,judge no one,Only The Almigthy CAN Judge every soul,no body has the right to judge the fellow human being,u are all here going against the word of GOD,making judgements of a fellow being like u,God knows best,stop being sinful,who can defend HE-Almigthy,Who Only Can Defend u,May Allah 4give u all who sinfully make judgements bcos of a convert.its is destined dats Y it happed,and notin happen without HE knowing,patch ur own pieces and leave her alone,only she will account 4 her deeds,Y getting involve,Almigthy Knows Best.Salam Aishat,seek only 4 God Guidance.wish u best.give ur child too the best of names.

  37. Some people can be very foolish! One Nasirat said up there that God brought her from darkness to light. Can’t stop laughing at ur absurdity! That lady is obviously confused and absurd. God forbids that the man dumps her and she’s taken by a christian she would revert again. You need personal conviction in religious matters.

    • Dear bros, you are right, she is just confused. At the end of time that child will not save her she has to answer for herself.

  38. Islam a religion of peace, submission and absolute adherance though intellect. People mostly convert to islam to islam not because of the acts of muslims but becae of the healing expressions in Quran and sunnah.

  39. what matters is dat does she join islam bcos of baby or bcos she kw dat ISLAM is ultimate true religion!
    If she join islam bcos of baby she has nt got the faith of islam in her heart. Bcos is ISLAM IS 4 THOSE WHO WIL C ALLAH’S MERCY IN D HEREAFTER.

  40. Eniolorunmo and badara why are you fighting on issue that is not concern you? I’m a muslim and I don’t buy the idea of insulting another person religion because that is what they believe in. Jesus Came and delivered message from almighty God so as Muhammad. So stop been childish and do what is right in your mind. People are killing in the name of islam and there are so many Christian that have done worst but I believe we arte not in the best position to judge or condemn any God’s prophet, both jesus(ISA) and muhammad are sent to delivered message by God and both of them are perfect. May almighty allah forgive us all. Ameen

  41. Fleeee from thee, u born as a sin a trained killer, if u like convert 2 voodoo or hindu worshiper who care’s but each nd evry1 wil giv d account of what he/she does on earth. So is better she have a rethink as normal human, bcoz i believd has been brain washed by d marlos, eya! Wat a pity!

  42. Aishat, you are welcome to islam (religion of peace) but one thing first, change ur intention of bcoming a muslim, it should not be because of ur baby or husband to be, it should be because of Allah alone, all the two depart from you one day, but He alone will surely remain with you 4ever. never join islam becouse of any body, seek to understand the religion very well. Secondly, what leads to the birth of the baby in islam is wrong, continue to seek for ALLAH’S 4giveness (lnna Allah gafuru rohim) Allah is all forgiving. May Allah forgive us all, amin. You are one’s again welcome to islam.

  43. well I can’t blame her cos she is a prostitutes after sleeping wif diff men all.around n nw lookin 4 d father of d baby b4 she finally see alaji 2 collect d baby frm her …y would’nt she convert 2 Muslim ……or did alaji married her legally in an Islamic way wif NIKKAI .Mtchwwwww…..nonsense

  44. Anybody can say whatever he or she likes,Aishat pls be focus keep to your belief,if Allah guides you to the right path nobody can lead you as astray.It doesn’t matter when one discover the truth but rather how you keep it.Keep yourself closer to Allah through Islam,study the teaches of the Qur’an and hadith not the hypocrites calling themselves Muslims.Aishat you are welcome to Islam the religion of Peace may Allah bless you as you enter into the surest way to Salvation…Islam.

  45. People should stop hypocrity here,our Aisha was made to pass true all the nonsensical screening and judgement only coz she’s a celeb and you have access to her personal activities on the media if not an some pple won’t be calling he names.You had 4 children with 4men,on you wedding day you are 4month pregnant(White wedding)by unsuspecting ministers,you are sleeping with more than 5men in a week on constant basis but coz u’re not popular for anybody to comment about you,you now thing you’re in the best position to castigate Aishat why can you immitate Jesus (Prophet Issa(A.S) you claim as your messiah who said “he who never sin be the first to cast the stone” and “never you judge anybody.”Aishat keep to you faith and leave the hypocrites alone.Welcome to Islam.

  46. my sis can u stay d hit Dt we re facin? M tinkin 2 of living Y u re pushin urslf in jst bcus of Baby!!! Y cant tak D Baby 2 motherless Home?? Eyaaa sis Aishatu pls Do sometinz Ooooo

  47. U’r welcome to d religion of peace. God in his infinite mercy always guide his/her servant to d right part. Wether bcos of her long throat, financial or personal reasons, Allah knows her intention nd he’s d best judge. Welcome to Islam sis. AISHAT.

  48. my islamic brethren were carried away by this lady’s greed and love for money and affluence.she is not going to be a devouted muslim.she loves the father of the baby bcos of what she will gain from him.i give her two years after getting what she wanted she will go back to her normal self.she never told us what convinced her to change her religion even though she was not a devouted christian. May God forgive her.

  49. I don’t knw why many believers behave like a devil? How can u abuse another religion jus bcos, it is nt ur religion,especially d muslims, nd some christians. Am highly disapointed in my fellow christians 4 judging a religion wen we knw dat only God shuld judge. Most muslim dat comemted said islam is religion of peace, i agreed, so u ar sayin dat christianity is opposite??…. I wil neva judge a religion cos Bible is against it but it is like Qu’ran suport it,d way many muslims ar judgin christian cos i av’nt read d Qu’ran b4…. Some foolish pipu dear called JESUS criminal??? My heart heating, may God forgive u cos u ar still a kid nd don’t knw wat u ar sayin, some pipu called MUHAMMED adultery, and u call ur self believers?? To my Christian followers, can u win sinners heart wit dis habit??…. The artist dat change religion,changed becos a baby?? And most muslims ar surportin it expect few?? Is dat how u ar taught???….. Just bcos u ar muslims or christians does nt mean u shuld abuse a religion…. Atleast deir is freedom of religion,even if boko-haram want every citizen to b muslims by force… Instead of us to work tirelessly to change herbalist nd other unbelievers, u guys ar abusin nt even religion alone but Ur jesus nd muhammd but wat i knw it is nt my own JESUS bcos he can neva b abuse…… Some were abusin Isrealite,dat dey do dis nd dat,u must b an illiterate nd foolish, Egypt ar tryin daily to conquer Isrealites but unsuccessful dispat all d bombs,war nd missle launches… Why bcos of God’s promise to dem…. Or av u heard dat isreal was defeated b4??…. Eygpt, land of muslims, christians as nw find way into deir nw,livin nd worshipping God there…. It is obvious nd clear dat d most dangerous people nd countries today ar muslims, Who is d most dangerous man ever on earth?? I think u knw? Iran,iraq,india,Egypt,somalia,north korea,phillpines,bangledash etc. What is nigeria first enemy today???….. Who started d abuse on religion?? I guess u can aswer does simple question. Whether muslim or christian, both are perfect religion if u ar practicing it accordin to Qu’ran or Bible, nt criticizin religion, but u can pick out pipu’s mistake… nt religion….. My advice to d woman dat change religion becos of a baby,so u wuld change religion bcos of money or other worldly tins in future,pls,on my kneels choose a Godly religion dat u wish nd practice accordin to God’s will. Thank God for d opportunity dat he gives me to write this, may we all make heaven in JESUS MIGHTY NAME, Amen.

  50. y is every christian here against Islam? Moreover no body has preach to sister Aishat to convert to Islam.U guys should watch ur mouth n knw [email protected] u will b saying against islam.most especially @ Mallam wu said Islam is a cult may almighty allah 4give u. We never say tin agaist christianity we bliv we serve a livin God. Sister Aisha welcome to d religion of peace…EADINA SIROTALIMUSTEKIN…May Almighty Allah c u tru…Welcome to religion of Life. MASALAM.

  51. God have mercy and bring us all back 2 ursf. The death of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will not be in vain IJN. Tank U Jesus.


  53. Any Muslim who doesnt believe in Jesus(Peace be upn Him) x nt part of us(muslim)..U xtians r d 1 dat creatd problems 4 urself….Luk 4 English Qur’an if u cnt read arabic,read hadiths(sayings of d Prophet) nd compare nd contrast with d fabricated Book u av at hand.(d original Book givn 2 Our dear Jesus x no where 2 b found)…open ur mind ,4 if a mind x trut lover,d road 2 success opens up to Him….

  54. Liz da silva is never a christian. So d moslems saying rubbish about xristianity should stop it. Does liz’s attitude portray her as jesus christ’s follower?? Dis is a girl dat doesn’t know d man dat impregnated her, she had d child through pre-marital sex. So, hw can people be associating her with christianity, does our religion support adultery?? Liz is d seed dat falls in d midst of d thorns, when d thorns grew up, d seed was choked to death according to d parable of jesus christ. Jesus knows his people and his people knows him. So, jesus came to dis world as a light, but to d few or many dat receive him, unto dem were given d power to become d son of God.

  55. U are welcum 2 d religion of peace. U have choosen d right path. All I need u and alhaji to ask for frm Allah swt is 4giveness 4 nt bringing d baby into this world through d right process (nikkah). God bless all muslims

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  57. well, i’m nt surprised @ d comment i’m seeing; it has been said dat ‘he who is nt granted light shal neva see light, no mata hw u try 2 convinc dem’ say so ALLAH(SWT). MAY he grant u ikhma 2 d call of Al-janah(AMEEN). Congrat ma sis. U’re welcm 2 d religion of peace. ‘cos we’re 1 in unificatn evrywhr, anytm,anydy.

  58. Only God knows His own. He only knows who is serving Him in truth and deeds. Why would a child of God open his/her mouth and call someone idiot and all other term you use in qualifying yourselves. When you know the truth, it will set you free.

  59. wat is going on, Liz Da Silva and Lizzy Anjorin is it all because of money or wat dat u are converting urself to muslim. U two people u don’t kn wat u are doing at all, still God is on d throne. Remember dat JESUS LOVE U

  60. U guys had better watch ur tongue and may b u need to b told dat is nt ur religion dat makes u make heaven its ur mindsets and behaviour.behave and act lyk witch or craze person come say u wan enter heaven abi u ar a christain or muslim,kaikai I pity u.u go too suffer and burn for hellfire u go be lyk fish wey dem forget for fire for for m am a christain I honour both invitations by muslim and christain and I pray wit dem always,I don’t criticize negative use of words for jesus and mohammed and I do according to d [email protected] nw aishat congrats jare regard to baby boy .others keep talking or make una kuku talk una problem collect address go chop rice and meat for aishat house d babe is loaded nw oooooo.smiling ni temi

  61. Islam preaches Religion, while Christianity preachs salvation, refferences (comment above). U don’t need to say one religion is of peace b4 we can fathom it. We all know d religion of people that are killing Nigerians every day belong to. Boko haram are moslem no doubt. Al queda are moslem, killing people bcos of false teaching that some one will give 7 virgins when u get heaven. Fools… We know peace loving people when we see them not those DAT kills and shouting religion of peace…peace my foot

  62. First of all dat muslim who referred to JESUS as a ciminal. Shame on you. And u know d reward for ur utterances. Trully look at the world over the nations where islam has originated are more violent giving the religion a new name war that aside . Obviously liz converted as a result of the need for a name for her child which is not bad. GOD/Allah himself will judge. And no one can fight for him. Face ur religion/faith and stop comparing hundreds of muslims convert to christianity just as christians convert to muslims for reasons best known to everyone. Peace.

  63. u are welcome to the only and 1 acceptable religion for Alah. those xtians that are using muslims names to criticized islam should stop it,if not Allah will ordained his cause and trouble on them, i wish u xtians will also come back to the rights islam. Allah will forgive and accept your repentance.

  64. people should stop saying islam is peaceful for the little decades i have stayed on earth islam has been a religion of tooth for tooth and eye for eye. They “love war.”(jihad)

  65. confused ,needs to settle down’age not on her side,getting older,broke financially, what can she do to hook alhaji ,just change to his religion,she thought to herself _women can do anything to hook a man but hers was a bad choice


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