What’s the relationship between Psquare’s Lola Omotayo and Wizkid’s Tani Omotayo

Lola-Omotayo omotayo saga

Have you ever wondered if there is a relationship between Peter Okoye’s baby mama, Lola Omotayo and Wizkid’s sweet girlfriend, Tani Omotayo; probably sisters?!?

Apart from the fact that they look so alike i.e same eyes, smile and complexion, they both come from a very wealthy family and they are both half-castes

Very deep findings have revealed that Tani Omotayo who graduated a few months ago from one of the universities in US is half Nigerian just like Lola Omotayo; whose dad is a Nigerian while mum a Russian and yes Lola also studied in America.

Reports have it that Tani’s dad loves her to a fault and likewise Lola’s.

If they are sisters then that’s just amazing because Peter Okoye of Psquare and Wizkid will end up being in-laws……….Sweet!!!!!

Cameron-Okoye-Bday Cameron-Okoye-Bday2

You will also recall that when Peter Okoye celebrated Cameron’s 3rd year birthday, Wizkid was one of the attendees….#FamilyThingz

Oh by the way, Tani has a big crush on Ice Prince Zamani, she calls him her “Imaginary Husband”…………..*Dops mic*

tania and iceprince



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