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‘West Was My Slave Name, Yeezus Is My God Name’ – Kanye West Talks About Equating Himself To Jesus



Kanye West debuted “Yeezus,” his sixth studio album, to a crowd of critics, fans and celebrities on Monday night at an event equal parts listening party and public art exhibition.


The festivities took place at Manhattan’s Milk Studios, but rather than following the countless PR and fashion events that Milk has hosted before, West instead chose the Meatpacking District building’s loading dock. Attendees were let in one by one, a slow process that would have led one to believe that only a select few were being given the privilege of the record. That was not the case: The venue was open to the street, so anyone within earshot could hear the album which had hitherto been shrouded in secrecy, and anyone within eyesight could see the basic video imagery that went along with the audio.

That’s in keeping with West’s public — and global — debut of “New Slaves,” but there’s more to the theme than a simple stunt. Though the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Busta Rhymes, Theophilus London, Timbaland and Q-Tip stopped by, West seemed most pleased to see that his work had the potential to be heard by passersby. Long after Jay-Z and Beyonce had stopped their all-out, hands-in-the-air dance-along to the vibrant album, West became excited when a city bus drove by and grabbed the microphone to remark on the fact that the event was “out here in the middle of New York City blasting music and nobody is shutting us down.”


West also put one matter of confusion to rest: “I want to explain something about the album title. Simply put, ‘West’ was my slave name and ‘Yeezus’ is my god name.”

By this point, near the end of the second spin of the album, West was decidedly free-spirited, dancing and shaking hands with fans. It was easily his happiest public appearance in months, a period during which bloggers noted West’s perma-scowl. At the start of the night, West seemed more antsy, rattling off a series of somewhat curious justifications, saying he didn’t release singles because he didn’t enjoy seeing his work on YouTube next to “related artists” (“When you buy a Louis-Vuitton bag…”), reminding fans that his father was in the Black Panthers and letting the crowd know that didn’t hear Joy Division’s music when he was growing up. It made sense at the time, but it was certainly a stream-of-consciousness diatribe.

“I had to learn about giving, this whole album is about giving — this whole process is about giving … no f–ks at all,” West said after memorably explaining his new outlook as such: “I have a new strategy, it’s called ‘no strategy.’ I have a plan to sell more music it’s called ‘make better music.'”

All in all, it was a triumphant night for West, who made sure to give every member of his team a shout-out and reminded the audience to surround themselves with the best. “If I’m standing next to someone, that means they’re smarter than me,” he said, shirt soaked with sweat, before leaving a bit past midnight. “If I’m standing next to someone, that means they’re better at something than I am.”

Source: Huffington Post

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“From bum shorts to leggings” – BBNaija’s Ozo called out over his choice of outfits



It is not new that ex-BBNaija housemate Ozoemena Chukwu likes to wear skimpy shorts – the kind of clothing items called bum shorts that are mostly worn by ladies.

Throughout the BBNaija show, Ozo was often seen wearing those kind of shorts, sometimes pulling them further up himself to reveal his light-skinned thighs.

Ozo’s choice of outfit lately makes him trend and at the same time, his getting backlash from his fans for what he is wearing.

The light skin big brother Naija ex housemate doesn’t look bothered, as he keeps wearing what he feels comfortable in.

The picture above was what Ozo was seen wearing that got him a lot of backlash as he decided to wear something more longer but still the trolling didn’t stop.

A Facebook user identified as Bright said “Ozo upgraded from bum short to leggings”

@enna said “if I catch my man wearing a leggings like that, we are done”

@alpha said “what is this guy wearing”

@enioluwa said “what kind of trouser is this guy always wearing”

See other reactions;

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North Is The Worst Place To Live In Nigeria -Sultan of Sokoto



The Sultan of Sokoto,Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, on Thursday lamented the high rate of insecurity in the North, saying it was the worst place in the country to live.

Sultan of Sokoto North

The Sultan, who stated this at the fourth quarterly meeting of the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council in Abuja, said bandits were fast overrunning the North as residents slept with their eyes open.

While describing the North as the worst place to live, he said that bandits had become daring.

He said they moved from house to house, village to village, market to market, with AK-47 rifles openly, purchasing foodstuffs and other items and even collecting change without any challenge from the security agencies.

The foremost traditional ruler stated that the security system in the North had completely collapsed.

He said, “Security situation in Northern Nigeria has assumed a worrisome situation. Few weeks ago, over 76 persons were killed in a community in Sokoto in a day. I was there with the governor to commiserate with the affected community.

“Unfortunately, you don’t hear these stories in the media because it’s in the North. We have accepted the fact that the North does not have strong media to report the atrocities of these bandits.

“People think North is safe but that assumption is not true. In fact, it’s the worst place to be in this country because bandits go around in the villages, households and markets with their AK 47 and nobody is challenging them.

“They stop at the market, buy things, pay and collect change, with their weapons openly displayed. These are facts, I know because I am at the centre of it.

“I am not only a traditional ruler, I am also a religious leader. So, I am in a better place to tell the story. I can speak for the North in this regard because I am fully aware of the security challenges there. We have to sincerely and seriously find solutions to the problem, otherwise, we will find ourselves soon, in a situation where we would lose sleep because of insecurity.

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‘Stop Calling Friday ‘Black Friday’, Its A Holy Day For Muslims’ – Kano Hisbah Board Warns Radio Station



The Kano Hisbah Board has reportedly warned a Nigerian radio station and it is about Black Friday.

Per the letter sent to the radio station, the group ordered the station to stop calling Friday ‘Black Friday’ ahead of a “Black Friday Sales” which is scheduled to take place today.

Per the letter from the Sharia Police, majority of the residents in Kano are Muslims and they consider Friday a holy day.

Read the letter below;

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