UK’s David Cameron to Discuss Nigeria’s New Anti-Gay Law

Following the decision of Nigeria’s lawmakers to pass a new anti-homosexuality law, Prime Minister David Cameron says “nothing should be off the table” when it comes to foreign aid and protecting equal rights.


The prime minister was asked on a BBC World News programme if Britain should dock its aid contributions to the African nation as a result of the Nigerian Parliament’s decision to further criminalise same-sex relations.

Same-sex relationships are already illegal in Nigeria and the new law means gay couples entering into either marriage or cohabitation could face 14 years each in prison.

The law awaits the approval of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr Cameron told the BBC that he would be raising the issue with Nigeria’s leaders.

“With countries like Nigeria, where we have a very good relationship, a very strong relationship, nothing should be off the table”, the prime minister said.

“So when we meet with Nigerian politicians and Nigerian leaders, we should be very clear about those things that we agree about and very clear where we disagree.”

Mr Cameron said that the UK has a “very good record on equal rights for lesbian and gay people”, adding: “we believe that’s right for every country in the world.”

“The matter of your sexuality is something that shouldn’t disadvantage you [just as] your religion, or your race, or the way you should choose your life.”

When asked if UK foreign aid should be docked from Nigeria, the prime minister said: “We will have to have some conversations with them, as I said nothing is off the table and we should have these conversations, but we also have some very important objectives with the Nigerians for instance to deal with the appalling rates of poverty in the north of Nigeria which [is] part of a problem that affects not just Nigeria but the rest of the world.”

The PM concluded: “But as I said nothing [is] off the table; always prepared to have these conversations, and my view very strongly is that we should have proper equality for lesbian and gay people and that should apply everywhere in the world.”


  1. Can someone tell these people to face their own business & realise that Africa has a Culture?
    They Butchered a whole lot via colonial rule & now that we seem to be free,they wouldn’t let us be.
    We are mannered,& do our things our way!
    Hold your country,& let us practise wat we know best.anyone who so wishes to be your gay partner should go over to 10 Downing Street!!! You immoral people,life isn’t full of total liberty otherwise,why is attempted suicide a crime.

    • @FEMI
      Since Africa has a culture. I guess The Presidency, Parliament, And Other Forms of Government should be taken From you. Because it aint your culture. And also the clothes you have along with the money because it is also not part of your culture. As well as your religion too… Then I will see what you are left with

      • @Llyod- brainless fool. To he’ll with u with your stupid dirty and Satanic ideas. After all who needs the West’s immoral money. We are contented with what we have. I rather keep my dignity in poverty than to swallow the filth dirge of Lucifer in the name of grants.

  2. If the foreign aid given to us is what will make us not develop,which I haven’t seen the economic importance from their part.let the foreign aid be stopped,guess that wil make us more focused and serious on our local productions when the people embezzling it doesn’t have anything to steal from to gay and lesbianism.if that is what you call freedom,we call it immorality.and you can start isuing visas to the ones your words av convinced to come practice it in a land of freedom.No to immorality and No to Gayism and lesbianism.

  3. I watched the interview. Well Said David.
    Banning Same Sex Marriage Is The Same As Encouraging Racism And Stopping Person’s Religion

    • it is not the same o… it is rather like having an ailment which has cure. if u have malaria, do u celebrate and announce it? what is d great achievement in being gay then going off to adopt other peoples children?

      • emee dee well when next you have malaria you should be arrested and taken to jail for 14 years and lets see how that stops others from contacting malaria or how it cures you of your malaria.

  4. Gayism & lesbianism is a sin against God & Humanity, if God did nt purnish U’k, & d rest contries dat av legalised dis stupid act, He will av 2 apologise 2 Sodom & Gomora, can sum 1 help me tell David Cameroon dat d worst sin he will ever commit is 4 him 2 step in2 NIGERIA & talk abt dis sinfull act, d wrath of God must come down on him. Mr man LEAVE NIGERIA ALONE

  5. Femi, Chris, Llyod may d ground open & swallow all of u, if una papa no marry una mama dem 4 born una, abi children wey una wan adopt no b man & woman fuck wey dem born dem, yan shashasha kawai, kafiri, yan banza. Ranan da zaku sake kwana da junan ku (maza da maza) Allah zai halaka ku.

    • Sowi mr femi, na mistake so we don dlete ur name 4rm our black book, no vex u hear, God bless u & may u 4ever prosper, (Gilbert 002 Guerilla boyz)

  6. See ehn all dis homo ppl, una wan dey provoke person o, shey na 14yrz our gov’t put? Our own go b (life yrz), we dey fight make Nigeria 4 beta, una wan use una sinful act dey distract our gov’t ba, make una clear road o, mr Dav Cameroun abi na wetin u b, beta respect urself stay 4 ur homeland o, we ar 4 peace & nt 4 war, bt if u dare dis country(NIGERIA) we go use d last drop of our blud 4 huntin, beta bcareful or u incure d wrath of Guerilla boyz/Razor. I don talk b dat

  7. Devid look let me tell you and your soo called evil people the God of our lord jesus pass you all you can only kill the body but you can’t kill the spirit

  8. show me Nigerian gay and lesbian let me know who my enemies really are…Oga 4 Senate abeg no jail gay for 9ja…hang them in public for general lessons even make David Cameron see to him self


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