Rush Hour: Superwoman Gives Birth To Twins At Roadside And Performs CPR On Newborn Son

Lynette Hales from Sandy, UT became a mom and a superhero Sunday morning. She delivered not one, but two babies on the side of a desert road.

Hales wasn’t due until August, FOX13 reports, but she went into early labor during a road trip to Nevada. A friend tried to drive Hales to the hospital around 9:00 AM but had to pull over when the first baby was ready to come out. Hales delivered baby number one, named J.J., while her friend called 911.

J.J. wasn’t breathing at first so Hales performed CPR on her newborn son. Troopers arrived and continued the CPR until he started breathing, KUTV reports.

And then, it was time for troopers to deliver J.J.’s brother, named A.J. “It gave out a healthy scream and the baby was okay,” Sgt. Jimmy Banks told KUTV.

Mom and her two new sons, who both weighed less than 4 lbs., were rushed to the hospital.

According to FOX13, the boys are now doing well, but will most likely need to stay in the hospital until August.



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