(Photo) Chinedu Ikedieze Speaks About The Wicked People Who Killed His Father

Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Aki lost his father on the 19th of May this year.

According to reports, his father Pa Michael Ikedieze Ogbonnaya Okoronkwo,aged 73 died after a brief illness.


But recent reports have added a twist to the story. Apparently, family members, including Aki believes that the man might have died of some other causes. Perhaps murdered by “wicked” people.

The actor reportedly said this during his father’s funeral service;

“Papa, I know you as a peaceful man who never looked for anyone’s trouble.

“You never hurt anyone and so diligently you trained us that we may train you in return. After suffering that we may become better people in life, the wicked people came and took you away from us. Now, we’ve made fame and wealth, which you craved for, but you are nowhere around to enjoy it with us.”




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