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Gospel Artist Sammie Okposo Reveals… The love of my life




Gospel music star and Glo Ambassador, Sammie Okposo has opened up on how he was almost pressured into pre-mature marriage and the ordeal he went through at the hands of those who believed their ideas for him were the best.

In an exclusive chat with The Entertainer, Okposo declared that at a point, the pressure was so much he actually caved in and started an affair just to get people off his back.

“Before I met my wife there were a couple of ladies that I would have loved to marry but it just did not work out. I get along with the female folk a great deal. Till today, my female fan base is large. And there was a lot of pressure especially from the media and my pastor friends. They were like ‘Sammie, marry now’.

“The pressure was so much so I said to myself, ‘okay, let me just try so that people will leave me alone and those were the times I got heartbroken because I tried to make it happen by myself. I was trying to force it but it just did not click,” he said.

A mother’s advice

The pressure was so much on Sammie it finally attracted the attention of his late mother who called him aside and advised him to wait on the Lord and that proved to be a very important advice.

“Before my mum passed on she was my number one fan in the world. My mum said to me, ‘my son, no matter the woman you want to marry, if she is not the woman for you, it will not work. My prayer for you is that, son, that woman that is your wife, no matter how long it takes, God will bring her to you.’

“After my mum’s advice, I reslised that I had been putting too much pressure on myself and so I decided to just let go. It was during this period that God finally revealed my wife to me,” Sammie explained.

Meeting Ozioma

The musician said the first time he met Ozioma, his wife of three years; it was love at first sight. They met at a church concert in the UK where he had the opportunity to be one of the few African artistes to perform on the same platform with the likes of Ron Kenolly and Cece Winans.

Sammie recalls: “It was a big concert. The place was blazing. We finished the concert and there was a long queue for autographs. Just as I was signing autographs I just saw her and I said, ‘my God! This is my wife!’

“It just dawned on my spirit that this is my wife: that I was finally home. I looked at her and she looked at me and I felt that intimate connection. I signed the CDs and she left, there was no time to chat her up because people were waiting to buy my CDs and get my autograph. I just prayed and said ‘God, if this is my wife, I will meet her again.”

It would seem the Spirit was at work. The next day a friend picked Sammie up to see a movie but they decided to see an exhibition first and as they walked in, Sammie was speechless as he beheld his future wife again. Her elder sister was the organizer of the exhibition!


If Sammie thought he would just stroll into Ozioma’s heart he was in for a surprise. From the outset it was obvious that Ozioma was not impressed by his superstar status.

“I was surprised. It was her elder sister that was holding the exhibition. We were introduced to each other and got talking and my wife, being the well brought up girl that she was, she was not carried away with my celebrity status.

“My wife no send me o. She was very well spoken, accommodating and polite. She was very calm and confident and that was killing me the more! You know in our line of work, the ladies are always very nice and always there. But she was calm, cool, collected and confident. I asked for her number and she said a flat no! But because she did not want to be rude, she said she will give me her e-mail because she didn’t know me well enough to entrust me with her number,” Sammie stated.

Did he feel rejected? Sammie responded thus: “Strangely, I did not feel rejected. I was like wow! This is a great lady. And as God would have it, after I met her, all through the flight back to Lagos I was only thinking of her.”

For some reasons Sammie could not explain, he was swamped with invitations from the UK to perform during that period. It was like London had just discovered him and that created more opportunity for him to interact and spend more time with Ozioma, and they were getting to know each other during the back and forth trips. During one of those trips he finally got her phone number!


How did it feel when he finally got the number?

“I screamed eureka!” the musician cried out loud. “And we started talking and it went on and on but then it was very quiet and she said to me, ‘listen, you know you’re a celebrity, I cannot change that fact, I can’t change what you do but how are you going to be able to keep your work and keep your home?’

“I said ‘trust me, there will be no unnecessary announcement’. I promised her that nobody would know that we were getting married. I dated my wife for three years; it was a quiet romance. She was scared that one day, journalists will call her from Nigeria and harass her but it never happened. I had no choice but to keep it secret; this was my home, my family. I believed that as an entertainer, your work is public but family is sacred.”

Sammie disclosed that when her family heard that she wanted to marry him, there was uproar! “They were like, ‘this guy loves women a lot and women love him too. Are you sure you can cope?’ But she still married me because she knows that after the show we will both go home together,” he stated.

Married at last

The lovebirds finally got married in a fairy tale wedding in Lagos that attracted the crème de la crème of the Nigerian society including politicians and high networth individuals.

In retrospect Sammie said: “I have been heartbroken as a guy. And when I look at my wife now I am happy that I was heartbroken because if I had married any of those I met earlier, I wouldn’t have married Ozioma. Pain is necessary for everybody at one point in time or the other.

“That’s why I tell my colleagues; marry a woman that understands your work and things associated with your work. A woman should love you for who you are and not because you’re a celebrity. Some ladies marry because they want to marry a celebrity and that is a problem.”

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Social media spreads what you feed it – Ruggedman tells Lai Mohammed



Social media spreads what you feed it – Ruggedman tells Lai Mohammed

Ruggedman, Nigerian Rapper has stated that social media spreads what it is fed with.

The rapper said this in response to calls for social media regulation by Nigeria’s Information minister, Lai Mohammed.


RuggedMan tackles Lai Mohammed

Information Nigeria recalls that Lai Mohammed had said there is a need to regulate social media before it destroys the country.

RuggedMan tackles Lai Mohammed

Reacting to Lai Mohammed’s call for social media regulation, the famous rapper asked the Nigerian government to feed social media with contents of their completed projects and earn accolades rather than advocate for its regulation.

According to the musician, only those who are afraid of their failures being exposed are afraid of social media.

He tweeted, “Who is us? Social media spreads what you feed it. Feed social media with positive works you have done and it will be spread it. You will in turn get respect and accolades. Only those who do not want their unproductive, failed selves exposed are afraid of social media. #DoYourWork.”

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Protest against police brutality: Protesters loot shopping mall in Philadelphia (Video)



Protest against police brutality: Protesters loot shopping mall in Philadelphia (Video)

Protesters in have taken to the streets to break into and loot into businesses for a second night after officers in Philadelphia shot and killed a black man who was holding a knife in an encounter that city officials say raises questions.

The protests began after a Philadelphia Police officer fatally shot a Black man in West Philadelphia.

Protesters gathered in West Philadelphia around 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 27, and marched to the 18th District police headquarters.

Also, Tuesday night, the lawyer for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., who was shot dead by police, said the family had called for an ambulance, not police, to get him help with a mental health crisis.

The death of Walter in front of his family members sparked outrage, which in turn sparked demonstrations and then lootings as hoodlums took advantage.

Philadelphia police said that two officers were hurt during Tuesday night’s unrest, but they didn’t reveal the extent of their injuries.

Along with the protest, more looting occurred in the city Tuesday night and continued into Wednesday, despite Wallace Jr.’s family’s denunciation of such actions.

Many cars could be seen pulling up to the shopping centers as people ran in and out of stores with carts full of merchandise and even televisions. Police would move in and scatter the looters, but people would sometimes return once the officers left.

Below is a video:

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Peace and security will be restored in the country– President Buhari Tells Nigerians



Peace and security will be restored in the country– President Buhari Tells Nigerians

The President has reminded Nigerians of the need to guard jealously the unity of the nation which was won at great cost.

President Muhammadu Buhari has requested Nigerians to refrain from words and actions that could threaten the progress and unity of the country.

The President made the appeal during the launching of the 2021 Armed Forces Remembrance Day (AFRD) Emblem and Appeal Fund in Abuja on Wednesday October 28.

At the ceremony, President Buhari said this year’s occasion reminds Nigerians of the need to guard jealously the unity of the nation which was won at great cost.

The President, who stressed that ‘‘Nigeria’s strength lies in her diversity’’, honoured the memory of the nation’s fallen heroes and veterans, recounting their sacrifices during the First and Second World Wars, the Nigerian Civil War and Peace Support Operations around the world.

He also paid tribute to men and women currently engaged in internal security operations, particularly the ongoing fight against insurgency, terrorism and armed banditry in some parts of the country, praising them for remaining steadfast in the difficult task of restoring peace and security despite the coronavirus pandemic.

”We honour the memory of our gallant officers and men who have paid the supreme sacrifice in order to keep the country united as one entity.

‘The nation remains grateful for the efforts and sacrifice of the Armed Forces especially in the fight against insurgency and other internal security challenges confronting Nigeria.

‘The Armed Forces Remembrance Day or Veterans Day as it is known in some parts of the world is an important event observed in commemoration of the end of the Second World War.

In Commonwealth member countries, the Remembrance Day is observed on 11th November yearly. However, for us the date was changed to 15th January annually to accommodate the commemoration of the end of the Nigerian Civil War’’ he said.

On security operations in the North West and North Central zones in the country, President Buhari expressed delight at the return of normalcy in some of the areas that previously witnessed security challenges.

”Our dear nation has witnessed numerous security challenges since independence.

”These security threats have undermined Nigeria in the areas of trade, investment and economy, education, health as well as agriculture and frequently denied Nigerians the freedom of movement.

”I am however pleased to state that a lot has been achieved in the Internal Security operations in the North West and North Central zones where in addition to Operations LAFIYA DOLE, HADARIN DAJI, HARBIN KUNAMA, WHIRL STROKE, other operations such as ACCORD, SAHEL SANITY and KATSINA were successfully launched.

”This has led to the return of normalcy in some of the affected areas. However, all hands must be on deck to check attacks on soft targets, ” he said.

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