Direction to the altar is North-West: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian set to wed


Good Music CEO and rapper Kanye West has proposed to Kim Kardashian barely days after she gave birth to their first child and without really much to think of, Kim K accepted his proposal and the pair are planning a wedding in Paris scheduled for September.

Kanye West who is 36 years old has not yet sealed the deal with a big diamond engagement ring as expected, but he has splashed out £500,000 on a rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring.

The rap star gave Kim K age 32 the ring just to mark the occasion of the birth of daughter North.

The couple were on lock down at the Cedars Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, California, for four days this week and spent more than £100,000 on medical bills and accommodation.

They have since disappeared to an unknown location to nurture their new life with their child.

A source said: “Kanye wasted no money in making sure Kim had the best of everything while she’s in hospital.

“He has spent half a million on a ring as a push present and had it designed months ago in preparation.

“He’s even more in love with her now than ever and they can’t wait to get married.”


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