[Confession] My Husband Brought A Lady Into Our Matrimonial Bed And Gave Me HIV!

My husband has finally shattered my heart and I weep as I write. We had issues with finances and I tried to contribute the little amount I borrowed from friends. But, we still couldn’t make ends meet. Last two months, he came back home with a lady. He called me in the evening and he told me to just keep quiet when he comes back from work. So, he just came back home with this fair, slim lady. And they slept together in our matrimonial bed. If anyone told me I would experience this in my life, I would never believe it. I slept in the children’s room. All through the night, I couldn’t sleep as I wondered what they were doing….on our matrimonial bed, I cried all night. In the morning, he introduced me to the lady as his sister and the kids as mine. I felt dumbfounded, I never felt so disappointed in my life. He came back earlier from work and apologised to me, he said the lady works with the government and she was going to help him with win a contract. He said the lady asked him to sleep with her, and that would be all. He said he did all that just to make our children and I live comfortably. Then he gave me 85,000 naira, he asked me to buy all we needed. I cried and sobbed, but I had no one to run to for help. I accepted fate. For the whole week, he came back with this lady and they slept in our matrimonial bed…. Such a shameful act! After that week ended, she stopped coming. My husband said I could now return to our bed. He made love to me, I cried all through because of the evil he did, because of the way he broke my heart. He begged me and told me he would never do such again. Last month, I started falling sick, I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed of HIV. I felt dumb! I knew this was the handiwork of my selfish husband. He also went to the hospital too and he was also diagnosed of same. The worst thing is he is now blaming me for not stopping him from doing such wicked acts.
I would never forget what he did to me. We are still living together, but I hate him so much. I wish I never got married to him!


  1. I dont blame u nor ur husband for what happened but i will blame u borth for not having JESUS in ur lives and home. the harm is already done so go for treatment, just thank GOD its was discovered on time and pls introduce JESUS in ur home. HE CAN HEAL U.


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