Birds of the same feather: Terry G visits Area Fada Charly boy for blessings ahead of Abuja concert


On a very serious note, if Area Fada of Abuja Charly boy woke up one morning and told us Terry G was his son, we would all believe because the two possess very similar fashion sense and character.

Anyway, the Akpako master Terry G made an official trip to the federal capital to visit Charly Boy’s New Wave Productions office yesterday Thursday June 27th and presented himself before the self acclaimed Oga of Abuja entertainment.

Terry G came for approval and presented Charly Boy with his latest album titled Book of Ginjah.

The Akpako master will be launching his album ‘Book of Ginjah’ in a concert that will hold at the This-Day Dome on the 5th of July.

See more crazy photos below:

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