[Advice Needed] She Wouldn’t Date Me, She Wouldn’t Leave Me Either, What Do I Do?

Dear Tee,

I am really in love with a girl and she keeps telling me she does not feel the same about me. She always come around and stays in my house for as long as it takes. She comes to me for help, she can’t do with pinging or talking to me a day. Still, she is saying she can’t date or marry me. What is the meaning of all these drama?
Here are her reasons;
1. She does not like men from my state of origin.

2. She said she is a Muslim and Islamic law does not permit getting married to a Christian.

We have been seeing each other for 2 months now. I need your help! Am I dreaming or played by this lady here?


Dear Fr,
You are not dreaming, you are in the real world, lol. Anyway, there are two things that might be involved. One, she might be in love with you and wants to know if you love her as you claimed. Hence, the reason for the denial and pretext. Some ladies have funny ways of prolonging the time they give a positive response to guys. Some morally upright ladies feel that once a guy asks you out and you give a “yes” immediately, then the guy would not give you his respect and he might feel that the lady is easy to get.
Two, the fact that a lady takes you as her close friend, talks to you always and comes around to your house does not always mean that she loves you. You might just be the friend she needs to be around or the friend she is comfortable with.
I think you should just be patient. Ask her again and see what happens. If she still says no, you should respect her decision and the reasons she gave you for her negative response. Let her be in the friend zone and watch what happens. If she loves you, curiosity would get her best, she would get closer to you than before, and she would give you more signs that is suggestive of a positive response.
Hope this helps. Good luck!


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