[Advice Needed] I am going crazy, my girl is in love with another man! What should I do?

I don’t know what suddenly came over my girl, I was the one who paid her school fees all through her years in the polytechnic. Now, she sees me as an unworthy man. My friends told me of how they have been seeing her with a particular guy, I did not believe them, I even fought with two of them because I thought they were jealous of our relationship. Last night, I was coming from work and decided to get myself dinner from the eatery. Lo and behold, I saw my own girl with the same man my friends told me about. I made sure our eyes met and she just looked away. I have never felt so embarrassed. I called her when I got home, she did not pick up. Till now, I have not communicated with her. I am devastated here. She is in love with this man from all I see. What do I do?

M. O.

Dear M. O.,
I am sorry you are in this situation. However, I want you to be strong for yourself right now. People change, understand that. Try to see her and discuss with her. Ask her what she is up to with the man. If she says they are friends, let her introduce you to him as her spouse. If she cannot, then there is probably something going on between the two of them. Then, let her be. You can not force her into loving you. Surely, the one who would see the good features in you and appreciate your efforts would come around. Be strong.


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  1. Don’t let the issue of the girl give u hypertension,just try to convince her nd let her know u truly love her,but if she stills denies u the love nd affection expected from her,pleasssss let her go nd God will give u ur own that will truly love u.

  2. Life is hw u see it nd wot u make out of it.try nd see her,discuss wit her,ask her why she suddenly changed.wot eva her response may b,be strong nd bliv dat God will help u find a virtious woman dat will love u,cherish u,respect u etc.dnt giv up nd dont stop luvin.

  3. Let her go.It’s even better now than showing her true colours after marriage.I know it is difficult but be strong.God will give you your own wife.

  4. Dear AY, with or without her life goes on. To be very sure of what is happening kindly visit her and put the issue to her. Whatever she says, be settled in your inner mind that she must be left to please herself, thank God she has shown herself now and not after marriage. See the assistance accorded her while she was in school as an assignment/duty that God has ordained you to do for your lifting, for whatever we make happen for others, God make happen for us. May be you are not meant together as husband and wife by God. So take heart and let her be. Whether she accept or not, let her be and God will lead a virtous woman that will be your wife to you shortly. Stay strong my brother Life goes on.

  5. man are nt constant in life,d only tin dat is constant is change,be strong and couragious,do ur investigatn wel and dnt false her 2 love u,put ur trust in God,and also check urself if dia is fault in u in any way.God wl gv u ur bone and flesh of ur flesh.

  6. I‘m sorry for this trauma ur goin thru. Pls if u want to live long NEver seatback en think abt wot gals r doing. Dnt suffer 4 rejection, ok? Deris no guaraanty that whom u love shall love u back. Wot u did wrong was dat u shund‘t ave send her to sch. Mostly if ur not a graduate she will eventualy staybck frm u. I guess she wasn‘t ur own. Jst stay d rite person wil come. Wen one door of happiness closes God open a window.


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