6 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster.

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Many of us run through our days and don’t think about sleeping until our heads just hit the pillow. In order to sleep better, you need to prepare for sleep during the day, give yourself a bedtime and get yourself into a bedtime routine in a controlled environment. Follow these tips to catch more Zzzs.


  • Exercising has been proven to help with a variety of ailments, including sleeplessness.  Morning or afternoon workouts are best, as you don’t want to exercise for at least 3 hours prior to bedtime.
  • Get some morning sunlight. Your internal clock starts to wake up and regulate itself. Sunlight between 6 and 8:30 am is best.
  • Managing your stress can help rid your mind of obsessive and upsetting thoughts that can creep in as you are replaying your day in your head right before you fall asleep.
  • Take naps if you need them. Make sure they are less than 30 minutes and before mid-afternoon in order to keep your regular sleep rhythm.
  • Eat healthy and have a routine. Although most Americans eat a large dinner, you’ll find it’s best for your digestion and sleep if you eat a large breakfast, moderate lunch and smaller dinner (at least 2 hours before bed). Reduce caffeine and alcohol, and drink most of your fluids before dinner.
  • Establish a ritual. Preparing your body for sleep and keeping the same sleep/wake times will help you fall and stay asleep longer. Get rid of electronics in the bedroom, and keep the temperature lower at night.

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