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5 reasons to say NO to living your life on the fast track




When you’re in a hurry-hurry state, you take the promotion you’re offered…and may end up living somewhere you never even wanted to live, or working in a field you actively hate.

I’m not going to lie: There is something addictive about the fast track. Maybe it’s the adrenaline—working under tight deadlines, managing crises, knowing there’s millions of dollars at stake. Maybe it’s all the caffeine—at one point I knocked back at least four cups of coffee a day. But somehow, as I drank coffee and worked as fast and as hard as I could every day, my hands shaking from the toxic, dizzying, addictive mix of caffeine and adrenaline and anxiety, a decade of my life went by.

Here’s the thing though, sure the fast track has its perks—professional advancement, financial increases, and the thrill of it all—but if you’re not careful, you too can lose a decade or more of your life too.

The third company I worked for laid me off as part of a major downsizing. I was devastated—didn’t they care about all the sacrifices I’d made for them? The late nights? The skipped lunch breaks? The coming in early and missing family events? No, apparently, they didn’t. It was all for nothing.

I should’ve taken that to heart, but I didn’t. I compulsively searched for a new fast-paced job and threw myself immediately into it with the same single-minded focus.

I turned twenty-nine. The grim realization that I was about to turn thirty struck. And somehow the daunting nature of a new decade—one that began with a three—was the wake-up call I needed. I realized my twenties were about to be behind me, and they had passed in an adrenaline- and anxiety-fueled blur. If I didn’t make a change, I’d be facing forty and just as stuck. So I enrolled in yoga-teacher training and spent the next fifteen months attending workshops on nights and weekends. Then I quit my job and started teaching. It was as simple and as terrifying as that.

I’m still not all yogi—I don’t wear hemp, douse myself in patchouli, or insist on being addressed as Shakti Moonshine—but I have stopped drinking coffee, my battle with chronic anxiety is about thousand times better, and I’m finally pursuing work that I’m passionate about.

Here are my top five reasons to say farewell to the fast track:

1. When you are on the fast track, each day passes in a blur of busy activity. The problem is that 365 days go by and you don’t even realize a whole year has passed. Then it’s five years…etc.

2. When you’re going fast, you can’t go in multiple directions at once. So you set your laser sights on your job—your next promotion, landing an office…with a door, then a bigger office, then a V.P. title—and you don’t even realize that the casualties of your single-minded focus are things like investing in a relationship, or keeping up your friendships, or flying home for your sister’s birthday.

3. When you’re going fast, it’s pretty much impossible to make mindful choices about anything. For me, the biggest casualties of that were what and how I was eating and who I spent my (limited) time with outside work. Bottom line: I ate a crappy diet and I ate too much crap from the guys I dated. But I didn’t take time to do anything about it.

4. You may end up somewhere you never intended or wanted. When you’re in a hurry-hurry state, you take the promotion you’re offered…and may end up living somewhere you never even wanted to live, or working in a field you actively hate. But by then you’re so deeply immersed, it’s hard to get out.

5. This is your life. Your own magnificent, brave, adventurous life. To fill with whatever and whoever you choose. You will always be able to find excuses for why you can’t make a change…and those reasons and fears are valid and real. But the question you need to ask yourself is, If this is my one magnificent life, what do I want to do with it? If I died tomorrow, would I die knowing deep in my bones that I had done everything I wanted to do—or was well on my way to doing it? Would I feel that I had lived my life fully and with purpose? Ironically, it sometimes takes thinking about death to help us live more fully.


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Health and Food

Avoid These Nigerians Food To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat (Video)



Being overweight or obese can be detrimental to your health. It is not advisable to have excess fat in the abdominal cavity because it can lead to some health issues. Getting your dream body will not be easy and you need to make some sacrifices to your diet. You will also need to turn a blind eye to some fatty foods.

If you’re ready to get rid of the belly fat, then stay put as Information Nigeria brings you some important tips that will help.

1. Avoid sugar and carbonated drinks

Did you know that consuming sugary substances like coke, fanta can lead to weight gain and a number of health problems like high blood pressure?. This is due to the high fructose content found in added sugars. Taking sugar-filled drinks may slow your metabolism and this in turn can make it harder for your body to burn fat. Fructose can only be metabolized by your liver. When you consume too much, you push your liver to its limit and it becomes overloaded, then it turns the fructose into fat and it ends up getting stored in your belly. To avoid putting yourself from risk, you should cut back on foods and drinks that contain huge amounts of sugar.


2. You also have to forgo junk foods like meat pie, cakes, rolls, candies, burgers, ice cream and cookies. You also need to do away with heavy foods like eba, akpu, pounded yam, rice among others. Switch up your eating habits and opt for a more balanced-diet if you want to burn your belly fat. Avoid consuming refined carbs like bread, pizza, potation chips etc. You should also stay away from processed and heavy foods because they contribute to stubborn belly fat. You should choose to eat proteinous foods like fish, eggs, and milk. starch contains fat, sugar and salt. They help a person feel fuller so you don’t end up looking for something to munch on after eating. It basically keeps hunger at bay.

3. Eat the right amount of fruits, vegetables, fibrous foods and whole grains – You can add vegetables, fruits and whole grains to your weight loss diet. They provide essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances that are good for your body. Examples of fibre rich foods include; beans, broccoli, avocados, apples, oatmeal brown rice and whole grain bread.

4. Try to incorporate exercise into your daily or weekly routine – Exercise helps to speed up your metabolism and helps you shed weight. The bitter truth is that wearing just waist trainers and staying put in one position will not make you lose that stubborn belly fat. You should hit the gym.

5 Reduce alcohol intake – Excess intake of alcohol also leads to a host of health problems especially the build-up of fat in the belly area. Have you ever noticed that those who drink alcohol, especially men, often develop ‘pot-bellies’. Alcoholic drinks like beer provide your body with calories and very little nutrients. It can also increase your appetite. Replace the alcoholic drinks with water or alternate with low calorie, non-alcoholic beverages. Too much alcohol can cause liver damage and other serious health problems.

6. Try out apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is made in a two-step fermentation process. It is obtained from apples that have been crushed, distilled and fermented. Acetic acid is the main active component of apple cider vinegar. It is safe for consumption in small quantities and can be taken as a supplement. Do not also consume it straight from the bottle or in its pure form. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons to water before you drink. You can also add honey or lemon. It is best to drink it before your meals. Research shows it has many health benefits, such as lowering blood sugar levels.

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Williams Uchemba And His Wife Exchange Wedding Vows In Lagos (Video)



Williams Uchemba and his wife, Brunella Oscar

Williams Uchemba and his wife, Brunella Oscar

Popular Nigerian actor, Williams Uchemba and his wife, Brunella Oscar have officially solemnized their union.

The couple finally exchanged their wedding vows at Dominion city church in Lagos state.

The beautiful wedding ceremony was reportedly officiated by the founder of the church, Dr. David Chukwudi Ogbueli alias Papa Eagle.

Celebrities, fans and well-wishers poured in congratulatory message for the couple after photos and videos from the ceremony hit the internet.

The actor wore a sleek tuxedo, while his bride,  wore a lovely white gown.

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Watch the videos below:

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Actor, Model, Comedian, Philanthropist… Meet The Latest Groom, Williams Uchemba



Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba, who was born on October 22, is an actor, motivational speaker, model, comedian, entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Abia-born thespian graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relation from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Enugu State.

Uchemba began his career in the early 2000s as a child actor and came into the limelight in 2001 after appearing in the Nollywood blockbuster movie, “The Journey of the Dead” along with Olu Jacobs, Ramsey Noah, and Pete Edochie.

Since then, the multi-talented actor never looked back as he has gone ahead to feature in more blockbuster movies like Sugar Rush (2019), Merry Men 2(2019) and Story Story: The African Rideshare (2018). He is the recipient of several awards.

The actor adopted an 18-year-old furniture maker in June and he promised to sponsor his education. He recently got married to his longtime girlfriend, Brunella Oscar at her hometown, Alor in Anambra state. The actor’s wife, Brunella opened up on their love story with Wedding Digest Naija and she disclosed that she made the first move. According to the English trained medical doctor, they both met on Facebook after she sent him a message.


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