12 Rules For A Successful Relationship

By Seyi Peters
A Must Read for Every Relationships…..
To get the very best from our relationships we need to understand the rules surrounding it.
It’s one thing to get attracted, another to love but the most important is how we keep it going.
Please take time to read, digest and apply to your relationship.
1. Make your partner your best friend.
Love is important but can fade away while friendship lasts forever. l have seen love fade away in relationships and things never got back to being the same. l have also seen best friends disagree, fight and come back being friends again. Apply that friendship to your relationship and you are good.
2. Apply wisdom to chose the right partner
We are attracted to people for all kinds of reasons but most importantly look at their character,personality,values etc before making a decision.
3. Respect
Respect is reciprocal and act in ways your partner would always maintain respect for you.
4. Know how to manage your differences  
Disagreements/conflicts don’t end relationships but strengthens it. Learn how to handle anger,name-calling and negative feelings that are unavoidable because of the difference between two people.
5. Have time for each other
Have time for each other and work hard to be close because that’s the only way you can know each other better. In its absence, people drift apart and all of a sudden become strangers to each other.
6. Don’t Lie,Cheat or make promises you can’t keep
Most of what goes wrong in a relationships can be traced to hurt feelings, leading to partners erecting defenses against one another and become strangers or enemies. Stay faithful and committed at all times.
7. Talk,explore and understand
If you don’t like or understand something your partner is doing, talk about it and why he/she is doing it. Don’t just assume because you could be wrong. Try as much as possible to talk issues.
8. Become a team
This is when two unique individuals with different perspective and strengths come together to become one.
9. State clearly your needs
A relationship is not a guessing game. Be clear about your needs and ensure you support/encourage them.
10. Don’t confuse sex with love
In the beginning of the relationship ,attraction and pleasure of sex are often mistaken for love.trust me there is more to love than sex.
11. Listen to your partner
Listen to your partners concerns and complaints without judgment. Sometimes just having someone listen is all we need for solving problems. This. Opens the door to confiding.
12. Am Sorry
Anyone can make a mistake but the willingness to make up after an argument is central to every happy relationship.


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