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10 Ways To Surprise Your Boyfriend



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Cook him a meal

Plan a delicious dinner for him on an ordinary night and call him over as a matter of course. Make it a full-blown romantic affair with candles, flowers and soft music. Your boyfriend will be surprised by the lovely dinner and pleased that you have made the effort for him. However, don’t attempt something that you can’t carry off smoothly, as it will not serve the purpose if you get hassled and exhausted. Let there be only one main course, if you wish, but make sure you both have a good time during and after the dinner.

Send him flowers at work

Let your boyfriend start off for his workplace, without any hint of what is coming up. And then around mid-day, have the biggest bunch of his favourite flowers delivered to him at his office. He is sure to be pleasantly surprised and loudly cheered by his co-workers.

Get tickets to his favourite game

So you can’t bear the thought of your boyfriend spending time with his mates at a ballgame, while you think up nicer things to do together at home! Just this once, let things go his way and surprise him with two tickets to the game that you know he has been dying to catch. What’s more, zap your guy by happily agreeing to go with him and have a good time.

Ask his parents over

Choose an ordinary weekend to invite his parents, or any other cherished members of his family, to your home. Make them feel really welcome and cook them a nice hot lunch. Your boyfriend will be surprised at finding his family at your place and enjoying the weekend. But more than that, he will greatly appreciate your gesture, which shows respect for his family.

Welcome him at the door

Put on your sexiest evening dress and get ready to welcome him, with a glass of champagne in your hand as he returns home after work. Wait for the doorbell to ring and when you are sure he is alone, open the door and say something romantic. He is sure to wonder for a moment if he is at the right house!

Surprise him with a gift

Buy something that he may have once mentioned that he would like to have. It may be something as simple as a new camera or a favourite book. Or, it may be something special, like a set of custom-made golf clubs or a classy watch. Whatever your budget, just make sure that it would mean a lot to your boyfriend to possess that item.

Change your appearance

Decide to meet him on a date. But before you do so, visit your hairstylist and go for a radically different hairstyle. Complete the makeover with clothes and accessories that you have never tried before. This is not to say that you need to make a spectacle of yourself, only that you could give your boyfriend a huge surprise, by turning up with a completely new look.

Write a love poem for him

Put down your emotions in a romantic poem for your boyfriend. He will be surprised and touched to receive a message that you have composed yourself. Don’t worry if the poem doesn’t rhyme – it should just be romantic and sincere.

Act out his fantasy

If you know what your boyfriend fantasizes about in bed, you could try acting it or just a part of it out. Of course, this holds good only if you are comfortable doing what he desires. Otherwise, read up on unusual but fun ways of making love and go all out to surprise him. Make innovative use of melted chocolate, silk scarves and stuffed cushions, and he won’t know what hit him!

Throw a surprise party

Invite your boyfriend’s best pals, without his knowing, and make arrangements for a party. It would be ideal if you could choose to do this on his birthday, in which case, don’t wish him the whole day and act as though you have forgotten his special day. Otherwise, any other day would do just as well, to surprise him with a party. Make sure that his favourite music is on and the dishes are ones that he loves best. Wait till he reaches the door, then turn out the lights and hide all the guests. As soon as your boyfriend enters, switch on the lights and yell, “Surprise”.

Now, you know that one of the best ways to spice up your love life would be to spring a nice surprise on your boyfriend. Not only will he love what you have to offer, but the element of fun and something unexpected, will jolt your relationship out of the daily routine and help the two of you to rediscover your love for each other.
So, the next time you wonder how things came to get so monotonous between you two, take the first step and surprise your boyfriend with something fun or interesting to do. Watch how his eyes light up in pleasure and laughter and believe me, your love will be the healthier for it.


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1 Comment

  1. Fatima

    June 22, 2013 at 11:48 pm

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    Snapper Rock is the manufacturer of UV50+ children’s swimwear which is also fashionable and functional. Many wooden toys were also located in the tombs of the Egyptian youngsters.

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Exotic Resorts May Be the Best Bet for a Holiday



An exotic vacation usually means exploring a distant foreign country, whilst resorts are places
to go for rest, sport, or which offers a particular speciality, with many resorts being part of a
popular tourist destination or on or near a beach. If you are planning a vacation to an exotic
resort it can be a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to a far-flung destination or a luxurious place to
stay closer to home where you can enjoy some pampering.

Why stay at an exotic resort

Exotic resorts often offer all-inclusive vacation deals, along with other options that leave you
to plan your stay more precisely to your own wishes. These resorts offer excellent customer
service, superb accommodation and facilities and are usually to be found in beautiful settings.
Here are some of the best resorts from around the world for you to consider:

Four Seasons Resort, Seychelles
This famous resort has made many feel they have entered Paradise. The gentle ocean breeze
floats up the granite hillside and into your tree-house villa tucked away from the other guests
staying at the resort. This is perfect for encouraging you to relax, either by your private pool
or in the clear blue waters of Petite Anse Bay. Perfect for a romantic stay, there is a Spa for
pampering and the chance for a sunset meal on a deserted beach.

Some enjoy simply sitting on their balcony, gazing at the ocean between reading their book,
sketching or checking out international bookmakers and betting sites for the chance of a
flutter. If you want another type of adrenaline kick, check out the resorts excellent kayaking
and snorkelling facilities, which are recommended by nearly all who try it.

Anantara Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

The ultimate tropical getaway, the Anantara Resort is an award-winning site modelled on a
traditional Thai village and is just three hours drive south of Bangkok. The location is where
Thai royalty and aristocrats have been holidaying for almost one-hundred years. Today, you
can visit historical attractions alongside theme parks and shops as well as vineyards and golf

The resort is set among 14 acres of lush tropical grounds with lotus-filled lagoons and
meandering pathways through exotic foliage, with many rooms overlooking the shoreline.
Each day, chefs prepare freshly caught local seafood alongside Thai specialities. The resort
also has an award-winning spa located within a lagoon-inspired oasis offering you the perfect
opportunity to relax.

Kurumba, Maldives

Kurumba is a well-established resort that opened almost 50 years ago and continues to offer
superb hospitality and contemporary facilities. There are seven speciality restaurants offering
cuisine from Italy to the Middle East as well as Thila, a restaurant which extends out over the
water which offers gourmet breakfasts and seafood dinners.

You can go snorkelling over the nearby reef full of colourful marine life or sign up to a dive
package as part of your stay, or just enjoy a private pool when staying at one of the spacious
villages. There are also deluxe beachfront bungalows offering direct beach access and views
of the crystal-clear waters.

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