The ‘Inspiring Man:’ The Man Trying to Dribble Football Across Eleven Countries to Brazil Died After Being Hit By a Truck.

Richard Swanson, The Man Who Tried Dribbling Football From Seattle to Brazil.
Richard Swanson, The Man Who Tried Dribbling Football From Seattle to Brazil.

Richard Swanson was a 42- year- old American who had just lost his job in Graphics design after switching from a career as a private investigator. He was having ‘a hard time’ finding another job, which offered him more time to ‘think about what you want out of life.’

Swanson is now deceased. He died dribbling football from Seattle to Brazil, his lifetime ambition.

According to Swanson, when you have two grown up sons, no mortgage and no career; ‘all the pieces seemed to fit’ for making such trip in the pursuit of life fulfillment.

Swanson started his journey from Seattle on May 1st aiming to generate income for the One World Futbol Project, according to his Breakaway Brazil website.

Swanson was hit by a truck in Lincoln City, Oregon barely two weeks into his trip. His football was found nearby.

One World Futbol donates durable footballs to developing countries.

Swanson hoped to travel through 11 countries including Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia.

“It will be a trip of a lifetime where I will push myself further than I ever thought possible,” he wrote on his website.

“I felt destined that I should go on this trip,” he had said in a previous interview with The Longview Daily News.

A statement on Swanson’s Facebook Page announced Swanson’s death and said: “His team, family, friends and loved ones will miss him and love him dearly. You made it to Brazil in our hearts, Richard.”

Lisa Tarver, chief operating officer of the One World Futbol Project said in a statement to AP.

“We are deeply saddened to learn about Richard’s death.

“He was a very inspiring man who in a very short time walked his way into many lives. Our thoughts are with his family.”

However, the driver of the truck has not been charged.

Richard’s lifetime ambition was cut short on his way to raising money for the One World Futbol Project for developing countries. In the midst of sectarian marginalisation, what are yours? Just remember that Football needs your support.


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