Rukky Sanda’s Fans Say She Looks Like Kim Kardashian. What do you think?

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Some of Rukky Sanda‘s fans thinks she looks like famous US TV reality star Kim Kardashian after the actress posted a photo which strikes a kind of similarity.

Omg you look like Kim K in this pic‘, @nessa_jolie_femme said. Seriously, you look so much like Kim Kardashian!!! Wow!!! This is ma fav picture of you!!‘, @mhidey_16.

While more comments followed, the Nollywood actress replied the comments, obviously happy with the comparison; Lol, Oh God! You cuties r so funny… How many ppl will I look like with my “ONE” face? 1st tz Trina who by d way, I absolutely love. Now Kim… Looooool! So Cray… Hugs‘.

So what do you think???



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