Prezzo Supports His Ex-Girlfriend, Huddah

Why is Prezzo rooting for a ‘Big Brother The Chase’ contestant? The former Big Brother Stargame contestant who reportedly dated the Kenyan model is using his influence to gather votes to keep her in the game show.

prezzo_987554Huddah was one of the five contestants nominated for eviction this week.

@SolidFreshDope tweeted: ‘Remember how hard @HuddahMonroe used to campaign for @AMB_Prezzo when he was up for Eviction?? Hope he returns the favour.”

Prezzo has been supporting Huddah for the last two days tweeting the hashtag#ProjectSaveHuddah.

He tweeted:

SMS the word ‘VOTE HUDDAH’ to 22626 #ProjectsaveHuddah’. ‘Thts the spirit 254 #LetsGo! RT”@milgoddie: Its HUDDAH or nothing @AMB_Prezzo

Which Contestant do you think will be packing their bags this Sunday? Betty, Selly, Denzel, Natasha or Huddah?


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