Photos: Nicki Minaj Performs On Stage Without Panties

nicki minaj

The recently fired American Idol judge sure knows how to keep her name in the news.

Nicki Minaj not only showcased her rap talent in recent on-stage performance, but she also decided to give more show than the audience bargained for as she was spotted doing her moves in see-through tights and nothing else;

See photo below;




  1. I don’t groove in the party with that kind of bitch lady, she claim to be best but she never know hereafter has be waiting for her.

  2. She is not human. She is only a devil in the flesh. She can do all she like to lure men to perdition cos that her mission on earth

  3. well, i don’t believe she is the one on this pic, why can’t the camera capture her face just check it very well from the first pic to the second… well as for me i don’t believe she is the one.


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