Pastor Takes Pictures Of His Wife Privates Parts, To See If She Fornicated At Church

A pastor from Murewa reportedly took pictures of his wife’s private parts upon her return from church as a way to inspect if she had had sex with another man at church.

The man of God and ‘Mai Mufundisi’ are currently based in Epworth.

Pastor Philmon Chitewe, who leads an unnamed church in Murewa, is alleged to have used force to take pictures of his wife’s vagina out of suspicion that she was having sex with other men behind his back.

As if that was not enough, Pastor Chitewe went on to chuck out Mai Mufundisi Olivia Rukai from their matrimonial house on accusations that she was demanding MORE SEX and having a sexual relationship with other men.

This was heard at the Harare Civil Court where Olivia had dragged the man of the cloth seeking a protection order against him. She complained that Pastor Chitewe preached what he did not practice and had turned her into a punching bag.

“I am married to him but he is abusing me. It has been hard for me to leave him because I was afraid to tarnish his image since he is a pastor. But he has been failing to live within what he preaches. He accuses me of having an affair with our son. He threatened to take another wife despite the fact that we are legally married. We had our wedding in 1990 under Chapter 5:11,” said Mai Mufundisi.

Pastor Chitewe had no kind words or his wife accusing her of belittling him in bed. He said Olivia told him that he was weak in bed and was failing to satisfy her each time they had sex.

“She said I am not good in bed. She said I was failing to satisfy her in bed each time we have sex. I never chucked her out of the house but she left on her own. I never assaulted her,” said the man of God who was allegedly accused of having poor sexual tricks.

Pastor Chitewe said he still loves his wife and wanted her to return to their matrimonial home. He begged for the court to ‘sweet talk’ his wife so that they would return home together soon after the hearing.

“I still love her and I want her to go with me after this hearing. I am staying alone and I need a woman to stay with. If possible, talk to her so that we can go home together after the court,” said the Lord’s servant, a sentiment that touched quite a number of people who were attending the court session.

Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti ruled in Olivia’s favour and ordered Pastor Chitewe to desist from abusing his wife.

Source: NaijaOnPoint


  1. Pastor, is this, the work and preaching you’r called for ? What are you teaching the church of God. Pls repent for the kingdom of God is at hand


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