Nigerian Military Continues Sambisa Forest Operation

At least 20 Boko Haram fighters were killed in a fierce battle on Thursday in the Sambisa forest enclave of the sect after federal troops launched a land and aerial attack on their camps, security sources said.
This information was obtained after security forces sanctioned the restoration of grounded GSM networks on Friday.
A top security official told that the grounded GSM networks were part of the military strategy to slow down the communication of the Boko Haram who are spread in camps in the forest of Sambisa, Mafa, Wulgo and Kirenowa axis of Borno state. He said Friday’s restoration of networks was “for some few hours’.
“So far so good, there has been positive progress in the ongoing operation in Sambisa, and we are not pulling out until we are done with them,” the source said.
“After a surprise raid, yesterday (Thursday), at least 20 of the terrorists were gunned down by our troops and several are running around the jungle with serious injuries.”
Sambisa, a forest that spreads over a distance of 300sq km from Damboa up to Gwoza, Bama and the Cameroon border, has been a hideout and training camp of the Boko Haram. It was first discovered early this year when a military raid was launched there.
Apart from the afternoon blast of Wednesday that left two persons dead in the Post Office Central area of Maiduguri, the city has so far enjoyed over 48 hours of calm without a sound of gunshot since the declaration of State of emergency.

President Goodluck Jonathan declared the State of Emergency in Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa States on Tuesday evening.


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