Househelp On the Run: Who knows Mary Ogri?


Mary Ogri is a 14 year old girl from Igede in Benue state. She is a runaway house help. She was brought to Lagos to work but she claims she was mistreated by her madam and oga and decided to run away. She left home yesterday morning, slept in a strange woman’s house and set out this morning to find her way back home but was brought by a bus to Victoria Island. She was found by a group of men this morning in front of Park N Shop and a good samaritan decided to let the media know. Mary Ogri has no idea what her madam’s address is but it’s somewhere in Lagos.

She is presently at Bar beach police station in Victoria Island. Anyone with useful information should contact the DPO of Bar beach police station; C.S.P Adegoke M. Fayoye on 0803 352 1772.

Source: LIB


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