Boko Haram Acquire Military Grade Ammunition

The share volume of ammunition available to Boko Haram now forces most analyst to conclude that Nigeria is engaged in a full scale war of survival.

boko-haram-31Extremist attack casualties are expected to rise as fighters now have access to sophisticated weaponry.

While Nigeria’s military has fought in the past decade with heavily armed militants and criminal gangs operating in the creeks of its oil-rich southern delta, analysts and security official say those groups never had access to anti-aircraft weapons nor did these groups launch attacks overrunning military barracks or levelling towns.

Where extremists gathered these sophisticated weapons also remains unclear, though they have several means available to them.

A propaganda video released in March by Boko Haram, featuring its leader Abubakar Shekau, showed fighters gathered around weapons they said they stole from an attack on an army barracks.

Those weapons included what appeared to be heavy machine-guns, rocket-propelled grenades and possibly anti-aircraft weapons, as well as ammunition and brand-new bulletproof vests.

Another source of tactics and weapons may come from northern Mali, where Nigerian extremists fought along others.

“Boko Haram will also likely recruit militants who fought and obtained new skills from warfare in Mali,” wrote analyst Jacob Zenn in a recent publication by the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Army’s West Point.

“The Boko Haram attack on an army barracks in Monguno…, in which the militants mounted weapons on four-wheel-drive vehicles, and the discovery of improvised fighting vehicles in a raid on a Boko Haram hideout in Maiduguri … suggest that Boko Haram has already learned new methods of fighting from the Islamist militants in Mali.”

Meanwhile, arms are likely to continue to come out of Libya from heavily armed militias there, said analyst Zounmenou. Those arms can spread quickly through the Sahara Desert and into West Africa’s Sahel to Nigeria, a major shipment stop for illegal weapons, he said.

While Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has spoken before about the need to control arms shipments throughout West Africa, the trade continues largely unstopped.

And as more of those weapons end up in the hands of Islamic extremists in Nigeria’s north, more violence can be expected, said Zounmenou: “They are now really going to war.”


  1. Na wa o,he don turn to war abi na war already.with this weaponry,this group are going to cause more damage to the life’s in Nigeria.God have mercy and guide us all from this blooodsucking group.Government plz do something before it turn
    to another thing o.

  2. I am afraid they will take the south unawares because they are so consumed with their businesses and selfishness while B’Haram are so serious with their mission that are destined to be accomplished

  3. Going to war with who? They are bargaining for what there can not withstand. This is a clear evidence that they never believed in the oneness of this country! It is an indication that they hated sourth-sourth!! Those people they are killing belong to families. If they are Islamist extrimist like they are popularly known the world over, christains also have extrimist!!! They are certainly bargaining for a collateral damage.

  4. Please can somebody tell me what happened to the Igbo guys who were caught with a large shipment of arms and amunitions who were smugling to Nigeria tru Ghana? How can we b sure that shipment didn’t end up in d hands of BH? Somebody is making money on the lives of inocent Nigerians,d earlier we realise this and find a solution,d beta for us all,otherwise we will continue to chase shadows and trade blames.

  5. The result of corruption and incompetence.Nigeria has soldiers and police that keep peace and restore sanity in war torn countries,however when it comes to our own land politics is added to it.There is someone somewhere benefitting from this terrorism or so they call cn we budget 1trillion naira and still be under d mercy of bokoharam.And then giving amnesty to murdurers who don’t even thnk they hv done anything wrong.God is watching evry one


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