Beyonce: I Am Afraid My Daughter Will Hate My Voice

BEYONCE has revealed she does not sing her hits to her baby daughter – because she is scared the tot will hate her voice.

The superstar said she fears singing to Blue Ivy in her performing voice in case she starts crying.
Instead of using her ‘Beyonce voice’, the pop sensation revealed she uses a ‘simple Mummy voice’ instead.

She said: “I have a Mummy voice. I keep my Beyonce voice for the stage and I have my simple Mummy voice.
“I remember hearing a story about Celine Dion and she’s like when I sing my, I don’t know if it was her son that cried. She has the most beautiful voice in the world but she’s like he hates it.
“So I said well maybe I’ll just give a little simple nursery rhyme voice to my toddler.”
The songstress went on to say she believes music is important for children because it gave her self-esteem when she was younger.
She said: “I felt like this is what I’m good at, this is what I love. It was my escape, it was my focus and I think we’re able to communicate with music more so than anything.
“Just travelling around the world and seeing the power and how much unity it brings so many people is really incredible.
So always when I’m able to express myself with a song I’m able to translate my message a lot better, for whatever reason.”


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