Baga Killings: Northern Elders Want Military Commander In Borno State Withdrawn Over Comments

Northern EldersThe Northern Elders Forum (NEF) yesterday called for the removal of the Borno State Military Commander over his comments on the Baga killings just as it warned against a situation where foreign phobia against Islam will be imported into the country, saying the consequences will be disastrous.

“We are telling and warning the Nigerian authorities to avoid a situation where foreign phobia against Islam will be imported here because the consequences will be disastrous,” the forum said.

Reacting to a statement attributed to military authorities that the recent carnage in Baga  was a joint military operation involving Nigeria, Niger, and Chad, spokesperson for the NEF, Professor Ango Abdullahi, expressed concerns that Nigeria is going into another multi-lateral or bilateral agreement with other countries concerning the security situation in the country.

However, he queried the forum, agency or level of discussions where it was agreed that  military troops should come from Niger and Chad to fire guns against Nigerian citizens.

“We are suspicious that this country is going into other multi-lateral or bilateral agreements with other countries concerning security situation in this country and if it is doing so, it is not adequately informing Nigerians about it and this is extremely dangerous,” Abdullahi  stated.


  1. They should go to sleep. Those that were attacked in Church during worship are not Nigerians right? Now that it has touched them, they are shouting. Pls more troops the the northern region, especially areas that harbour boko haram (ISLAMIC TERRORISTS) are hidding. More troops from Israel, Americ, France, to eradicate those boko boys. Nigeria must live long. And any other killing forces must die.

  2. This man must be joking. Does he know what it means for countries to military agreement to combat terrorism? Even d European countries signs such to co-operate in the fight against terrorism. He should shut up and leave the government to eradicate dis scourge that is giving Nigeria a bad image.where was he when the terrorists were bombing churches n killing innocent nigerians? Or is he sayin that d people being killed are chadians n nigeriens? Don’t Nigeria go to ‘shoot’ other citizens in their countries in order to restore peace?

  3. He should channel this huge energy of his towards convincing his fellow northern sponsors of Boko haram to give up, who is he to tell the military how to do their work. I don’t blame them , na GEJ I dey blame for listening to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

  4. Xtians are d ones bombing demselves. Number of xtians hv bin caught in & outside d church a woman in Jos, group of xtians in Bauch etc

  5. i believe this man must be one of the sponsors of boko haram…instead of advising his people from habouring terrorists, he is now asking 4 the withdrawal of all military operations..for what? probably 4 boko haram to have more leverage to do more damage…i thought he’s an educated fellow but his selfish comments has shown that he’s an educated illiterate. go round d world, what u see is nations putting hands together to fight cross-border crimes and that’s what Nigeria, Chad & Niger are presently doing…where was he when innocent citizens of this country are being killed by d evil boko haram? now we are hearing his voice probably bcos JTF is winning d war against terror..he shld jst keep his mouth shut where ever he is, coz his comments does not far as i’m concerned JTF should be commended so far for putting their life on d line…bravo, JTF..we are solidly behind your operations….away with evil, away with boko haram, peace in Nigeria….


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