2015 War Threats: Dokubo-Asari’s For Sale To The Highest Bidder – Presidency

Ahmed-Gulak1The Presidency on Monday rose in stout defence of one of its own, Kingsley Kuku, over a recent purported statement he made to the effect that the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 will be the only guarantee for sustained peace in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

But Leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Mujaheed Asari-Dokubo was left hung out to dry as the Presidency said his drum beats of war on the 2015 elections “should be ignored by Nigerians who are conversant with his antecedents.”

Political Adviser to the President, Ali Ahmed Gulak, who made the Presidency’s position known on Monday, decried the controversies generated by the statements saying they were “unwarranted and politicised in many respects; hence, there is the need to put the records straight and let Nigerians know that the Presidency does not promote violence.”

“From many quarters, insinuations have come that Mr. President is encouraging his kinsmen to threaten violence; I say without any equivocation that this is absolutely untrue and unduly politicised by those who seek cheap relevance and hide under the opposition to ventilate ignoble comments.

“For purposes of clarification, however, it has become very necessary for us to state that there is the need to separate these two statements allegedly made by the Presidential Adviser and Asari-Dokubo.

“Apart from the fact that both statements are not the same, hence do not deserve the same treatment, it is important to state that Kuku, who oversees the Presidential Amnesty Office was grossly misquoted and deliberately misinterpreted out of context.

“This is said with utmost sincerity because we have cross checked the facts relating to what he said in the United States and we are convinced that he said just what is real and purposeful, that just like other Nigerians, President Jonathan should not be denied the opportunity to run in 2015 if and when he so decides.

“Kuku, unlike Dokubo, did not say there will be crisis if President Jonathan is not re-elected.

“Of course, we all know that the right to accept or reject anyone at the poll rests with the voters who are the ordinary Nigerians.

“However, it is very vital to state with every sense of responsibility that the views expressed by Dokubo do not enjoy the support of the Presidency, neither do such views or comments represent anything near democracy and the rule of law.

“Therefore, Dokubo should be ignored by Nigerians who are conversant with his antecedents. Here is a man, who just a few months ago took the person of the President and high ranking officials to the cleaners for no just cause,” Gulak said.

He added: “Unlike Kuku, who was quoted out of context, Dokubo is an unserious fellow who speaks from both sides of the mouth even from the highest bidder.

“Nigerians are therefore urged to disregard whatever he says and ignore him as not representing the views of the government.”


  1. I admire those that are using this platform to advertise their businesses. I think is time for Nigerians to keep struggling for their three, two or one square meals….and give these politicians deaf ears when the shout nonsense on media. NEPA =0, Roads=0, Water=0, Employment=0, Admission=0, Health care=0………………………Politricks=A1………………HMMMM.

  2. All we know since the president did not and has never distance himself from these people who everyday wants this country to breakup by all means, and they are with him at aso rock everyday, therefore we regard their utterances as his, period.

    • Hussaini it is obvious that u re a boko haram. When Buhari said on aljazzira during 2011 election that he wil make Nigeria ungovernable if power is not given to him what did u wicked, calous, useless, barren and terrorist northaners say or do.

  3. This useless Alhaji Dokunbo is emty in brain, dis stupid man is acting on instruction. I believe president knows about it, he’s talking as if presidential post is there family post. Nigerians knows dat Dokunbo is criminal, what he’s planing 4 us in nigeria must surely fall on him, Amen.


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