2015: North’ll Match N’Delta Word For Word, Weapon For Weapon – Aliyu

aliyu_200_160A former member of the House of Representatives – Farouk Adamu Aliyu has responded to threats of violence by Asari Dokubo, saying the Niger Delta “thugs” should be aware that they have no monopoly of violence.

Dokubo, weekend, had threatened that if President Goodluck Jonathan is not re-elected in 2015, there will not be peace in Nigeria; thereby re-echoing similar statements earlier attributed to the presidential adviser on amnesty Mr. Kingsley Kuku.

But reacting to these statements in Abuja yesterday, Aliyu said it was obvious that both Dokubo and Kuku spoke “in connivance with President Jonathan” given the silence of the Presidency on their threats.

“We are not surprised that whatever people of Niger Delta do or say, they are doing that with active connivance and input from the president himself. Just recently Kingsley Kuku, presidential adviser on amnesty, spoke in the same line of violence. It was just received by a thug, because Dokubo is a thug,” he said.

“I want to remind all people of Niger Delta that they don’t have monopoly of violence…. And clearly the Niger Delta is threatening people all the time about the sanctity of the unity of this country, who told them that we also want to remain in Nigeria?”

Aliyu, a chieftain of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), said many northerners sacrificed their lives during the civil war to protect the Niger Delta region, but that “when 2015 comes we are willing to match them word for word, weapon for weapon.”

“President Jonathan’s government is a government of thugs because Kuku is a presidential adviser on amnesty, when he said what he said nobody, not even the President called him to order,” he said.


    • The Niger Delta comprises of more that 150 ethnic nationalities and I am sure the men in question do not represent all of us.

      Some of us are peace loving

  1. abeg make una see our headooooooooo.befor una go bcos of politics destroy innocent lives.where.2015 God help us.my prayer is God will arrest all those who think evil for this country.

  2. Ofcourse u no the north have nothing. So what would they use to match the Niger/Delta people. U can only match ur cattle and goat

    • Why is Asari’s comment attracting wide critism? Who is the author of the statement(if am not elected, I would make this country ungovernable and they would be no peace) what catergory of thug is he rated with? Political thug, or political militant? What have the north gained after ruling this country for half a decade? Instead of putting phyical infrastructures on ground as a way of developing and empowering the yourths; they rather propagated them into killer monsters as a result of ignorance!!! Today a sourth sourth is on seat rather than support the government for the country to move forward, they blame their woes on Niger deltans and threaten war!!! Beyond this govt; they is another; why behave like no tommorrow? Why all this fire bridgate approach? Is this the end of the world? Govt is all about consolidation, since administrative policies take time to mature!! What is wrong about Jonathan if he wishes to run the second time? Would his govt end Nigeria?

  3. I like what alhaji Aliyu said,,ure good man u know how to retalate words,tell Dokubo abi wetin dem call him dat notin can sele,he don 4get no b yaradua bail dem 4rm >orverty

  4. Aliyu get ready cos d battle is drawn ready, dont use any security measure or thugs to move around see if u will see 2015

  5. Let the youth allow the likes of Asari and Aliyu play soccer with them.these guys r gonna be d 1st to jet out of nigeria should confliict start,we would be fortunate to survive and after doing the hard partt dese same guys come back and get rewarded by the govt.If we youth can’t learn from d experiences off biafra and other nationss dt went to war then sorry foor us all.

  6. Here comes one of the Boko Haram sponsors. Security personel, go after Aliyu. He has weapon to match reagon with how did he get it? Let him explain to us Nigerians.

  7. Why do these northern politicians think that d leadership of nigeria is their birth rights?These same ppl that claim 2 love nigeria so much are d ones draggn d nation backward bcos of their inordinate desire 4 power.D truth is that GEJ is workn and i am very sure that come 2015,every right thinking nigerian wll vote him 4 a second term.No amount of violence threat from BKH and their sponsors can intimidate nigerians into voting a northerner as president come 2015.

  8. I think that a law should be made to make it a culpable offense for one to make any statement threatening violence or the unity of this country.

  9. Some people are sayin jonathan is doing well,I beg to ask dese past 3 years have been the worst in history.no light,water no security.na wa oo and someone is saying transformation agenda.d region of a president shdnt mattter if he is performing well,we wdnt even have bokooharam iin d first place.Obasanjo ruled and we never had such issues.pls.

    • your people make the jonathan administration unsuccessfull muhammad how can a country succeed when it is using the moneyu met for developing the country in fighting terrorism.muhammad since jonathan became president the north has been fighting his administration so his not the president fault that he hasn’t done so much for nigeria ok

  10. Never seen a nation as foolish as Nigeria. Nigerians so eager go to war over chagrin of scrupulous entities. Words of Asari and Aliyu should never be taken seriously. These are entities that have achieved nothing but pile up their bank accounts with the wealth of this nation. To think that the average Nigerian will be thinking of the sounds of war is nothing short of stupidity on their part. Let your vote do your talking. Put aside the north and south divide and focus more on people with proven track record.

  11. @kelvino-Bokoharam aint my ppl,we never gave them our mandate to kill,dey dnt represent us in any way,infact we r worse for it because it is us that suffer the brunt of des terrorists,we r literarily@the barrel of the gun here in the north.I js wanna ask kelvin pls tell me how govt wd spend 1trillion naira on security meanwhile we hvnt seen d end of BH.if u wana knw d US sppends a similar amount on d war its prosecuting with all deir gunships,fighter jet and airccraft carriers.nigeria has only infantry and u say we spend * trillion on insurgency?.pls?GEJ shd learn from his predecessors if obj and yaraduaa cd kill insuurgency and criminality before they evn began den jonathan shd be able to do so.d BH r in his cabinet so y hasn’t he saccked and prosecuted any1.infact cut long story short,who is the President of Nigeria abeg.iits jonathan so I expect more from him.


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