Workers Protest Death Of Colleague, Poor Working Conditions At Lagos-based Chinese Firm


A staff of a Chinese-owned Lagos-based company that produces nylon bags, has allegedly died from electric shock while carrying out a repair work in the company.

The staff identified as Kenneth was said to have died about 3pm, Tuesday.

His colleagues at the company, Dura Pack, had since begun an indefinite strike to protest his death and an alleged unsafe working environment in the company located on Awosika Avenue, Ikeja. They are also demanding for adequate compensation for the family.

Publicity Secretary, Campaign for Democratic Workers Rights, CDWR, Mr. Chinedu Bosah, in his reaction, lamented the death, saying Kenneth, an electrician, died while carrying out repair work without safety work tools like hand gloves and boots.

“Moreso, the company does not have a clinic or sick bay that can address emergency cases on a First Aid basis. Dura Pack, a Chinese-owned company, produces nylon bags.

“Since then, workers have embarked on strike, while the owners of the company have also locked up the premises.

“Workers, most of whom are casuals at the company, are denied the right to belong to a union of their choice. Indeed, some workers were sacked in 2009 when they tried to introduce unionism.

“The workers are agitating for increment in salary; casual workers presently earn N19,000, while the few regular staff earn about N23,000.”

The workers also complained that there are little or no safety measures and safety tools to work with. Some workers showed burns on their bodies, particularly on their hands because they are made to pack hot nylon bags with bare hands.

Now, they want compensation for the family of the deceased and also adequate safety tools and a clinic within the company and the right to belong to a union.

Efforts to speak with the management of the company were unsuccessful. The management of the company has not issued a statement on the incident either.


  1. The treatment received by their Nigerian workers steamed up from the fact that the government don’t care about its citizens. I think it is high time our government put the lives of its people first. I wish the government can send undercover agents to all these internationally owned companies and see how Nigerian workers are fairing in their work place, it is nothing to write home about. Maltreatments ranging from scolding to battering is what they are made to go through. Is this not a modernized slavery.
    The process and manner through which licenses are given to them should be reviewed. Their should be strict adherence to issues concerning the welfare of their workers especially any Nigerian working for them.

  2. I agree with Afolabi Akindele, the way these people treat their staffs is poor and they are fond of the statement”work! Work!work! For your money” you need to hear how annoying and irritating it sound to ones hearing. Anyone who has worked for the Koreans and the likes as factory worker would know what I’m saying. Imagine them in our country and they still treat us like a slave. Haba! This is too much, it need addressing.


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