Vettel Dominates the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Sebastien Vettel of Red Bull.
Sebastien Vettel of Red Bull.

Four events into a 19- race season, Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel is in a great position to further etch his name in the history books with a fourth- straight championship.
Unlike the Malaysian Grand Prix where his victory was cheapened by his refusal to stand down for teammate Mark Webber to, the three time reigning world drivers’ champion dominated the field at the Bahrain Grand Prix to defend his title.
Vettel started in second but moved to the front spot by the 17th lap, and he did not look back afterwards. He ended the race defeating Kimi Raikkonen of Lotus by nine second, extending his lead in the standing to 10 points over Raikkonen after 4 of 19 races.
The Bahrain Grand Prix for the past two years have been the target of right groups that contended it glossed over the Bahrain’s political problems while antigovernment protesters intensified their demonstrations against the Sunni- led government. The race went on without incident, but there were sporadic clashes in other parts of the country.
Only Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher have won more consecutive championships than Vettel, Fangio won four straight in the ‘50s and Schumacher in the late ‘90s.
Vettel was dominant. He made the race for the win moot in the early stages, when Vettel is at his best; no one stand the chance of beaten him and he is almost at his best.


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