U.S. Court Upholds Nigerian’s Rights to Global Energy Drink

After a two year lawsuit, a United States Federal judge has ruled that Nigerian-American businessman, Victor Edozien, and his company, Vedozi Inc., are the true owners of the rights to popular energy drink, Cintron.


The judgement brings to an end multiple lawsuits brought by Philadelphia-based Cintron Beverage Group or “CBG”, through its principal owner, Wes Wyatt, against Vedozi Inc. and its principal, Victor Edozien.

Mr. Edozien said this ruling confirm his long-held resolve that CBG’s case was without foundation and not entitled to a ruling that sought monetary compensation and a cessation of lawful and legitimate business activities outside of the United States, where Vedozi Inc.’s business partners have established a global brand known as Cintron Premium Energy Drink.

Wes Wyatt’s CBG had claimed that Vedozi Inc. and Victor Edozien were infringing U.S. trademarks (which had not been registered and are being contested in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office), based primarily on allegations relating to lawful and legitimate business activities engaged in by Vedozi’s business partners outside the United States.

“There was never a doubt in my mind that all of the claims against Vedozi and Mr. Edozien lacked merit and it was only a matter of time before they would be dismissed. I am gratified that my clients were fully exonerated from the baseless allegations made against them,” said Vedozi’s counsel, Kevin B. Hirsch of Michigan-based Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss, P.C.

The two-year long attempt by Wes Wyatt’s CBG secure judgement against Vedozi’s business interest was finally dismissed by Judge Sanchez “with prejudice,” which means that they cannot be resurrected. All of CBG’s claims were dismissed.

The judge had earlier refused CBG’s attempts to go after other Mr. Edozien’s businesses – including The Asaba Group, Inc. and AG Manufacturing, Inc.- which had no connection to the beverage industry or any involvement whatsoever in the activities alleged in the lawsuit.

Mr. Edozien said: “From the beginning I have always said these lawsuits were baseless and a brazen attempt by CBG to aggressively assert rights they do not have or own! This case was also unsuccessful in its attempt to damage the character, reputation, and integrity of myself and my business partners. I was adamant that I would never pay one dime to make these frivolous allegations go away and I did not!”

“This victory serves as a reminder that any similar attempt to misappropriate Vedozi’s interest will be contested vigorously anywhere in the world. Let this be clear to potential adversaries,” he added.


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