The NPFL to be Restructured Soon

Hon. Nduka Irabor.
Hon. Nduka Irabor.

The issue of the new and evolving Premier League structure has been a matter of imperative discuss among the members of the Interim Management Commission (IMC). As a result the 20 NPFL team currently in the structure are all nursing the fears of a possible exclusion as the Committee looks to implement their resolve after a thorough investigation.
In the light of what is obtainable in every standardised League structure all over the world today, Nigeria Football League is far from reaching such level of accreditation.
Nduka Irabor, chairman of IMC, said a new guideline for a properly structured elite league will soon be unfolded to ensure that the 20 clubs presently in the league meet certain requirements before been approved for participation. According to the chairman the present NPFL league will end in September, hopefully the commission would have been able to establish the guidelines afterwards.
“We are just in the transitory period same as the league that’s running at the moment.
“We’ve not started the Premiership. The Premiership clubs are not the present 20- teams Nigeria Professional Football League.
“In fact I am certain not all the present crop of 20 teams in the NPFL will be part and parcel of the vision I have for the Premiership.
“Clubs that will participate in the envisaged Premiership must show financial evidence to sustain and meet financial obligation to its players.
“After 20 years of professional league no team can boast of owning a stadium rather what they can show is mere access to stadium.
“We are evolving a league that will be vibrant and enhance improved earnings to clubs and players not to club owners, managers, referees or administrators.
“We intend to start proper youth team structure in respective clubs not what obtains in some feeders team where you have players with over 30- years- of- age.
“We are not looking at the ongoing league season for changes, not even the next season but the process is already ongoing,” said Nduka while responding to questions asked by Supersport online.
Meanwhile LMC has a share capital of one hundred million shares. In order to meet the minimum requirements of the law for incorporation, only 25% of its share capital was subscribed on incorporation. The participating clubs of the NPFL will own no less than 60% of the shares which they will be mandated to take up as soon as they are re- organized and operated as corporate entities law. 25% of its share capital was subscribed on incorporation in order to meet the minimum requirements of the law for incorporation. The NFA holds a golden share of 5% and the LMC in the name of its Chairman holds 20%.
“The LMC shares will be given to participating premiership clubs when the premiership properly evolve,” Nduka Irabor, Chairman IMC added.


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