Popular Actor Hafiz Oyetoro’s Secret Fantasy exposed.

Hafiz Oyetoro, also known as Saka due to his hilarious role in popular TV sitcom House Apart has revealed his secret fantasies to fans.

Here is what the slimly built father of three disclosed:

My name is Hafeez Oyetoro. I am from Iseyin, Oyo State. My primary
and secondary education was in Iseyin and I had my first degree in
Dramatic Arts at the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo
University (OAU). I had my Masters’ degree in University of Ibadan
(UI); I am presently running my PHD at the University of Ibadan at the
Institute of African Studies.
I lecture at Adeniran Ogunsaya College of Education, teaching
Theatre Arts. I am married with kids.
Do you really like s3x?
Every man likes s3x. A man who does not have s3x is not a man; that
means something is wrong with him. But I am not obsessed with s3x.
I am very faithful to my wife. Since I married her, I have not had any
extra marital affair. Of course I have children and you cannot have
children without s3x, which means that I do have s3x.
I just have s3x when I feel like. Sometimes once a week; at other
times I may not have anything for one month. Sometimes I have it
every day but I’m not really addicted to it.



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