Photo: Rihanna Takes Off All Her Clothes To Have Her Hair Styled By A Man

If Rihanna ever needs a new hair stylist, she’ll be inundated with job applications.
The singer has posted an image of herself having her locks preened by a man as she kneels down wearing only her knickers.
She stops short of putting her bare boobs on display, using a towel to protect some modesty instead.
However, Rihanna ensures she leaves a titillating portion of her boobs uncovered – no doubt with her Twitter followers in mind as she posed for the snap.
Adding to the appeal of the arresting image, the clothes removed by the attention-seeking superstar just sneak into the frame.
Another addition to her arsenal of flesh-flashing shots sees the chart-topper flaunting her bum as she rests on a lilo in a swimming pool.


  1. She is very stupid. Her religion cultures, tribe and society wil never be proud of her and we want know the religion she is practicing that allow her to do this. She left bad record to he unborn babies. Shame on her and her fucking behaviours.

  2. Religion will never permit any one to act nude.You know They are crazying with their celebrities act.They’ve polluted this world no dignity and value for women any more and worst party of it is that they’ve corrupted our women and to marry a woman of dignity,decent and value that keeps her thing now is difficuit.They are bad role model

  3. don’t blame her. she was only trying to carry out the work assign to her by her master the devil to pollute the earth.Mind you she is also a member of illuminati.

  4. Nija is dz d 4st tym ur seein it,definately she was makin sexpictures nd mayb part of ha hair scattered nd needed 2 bii fixed… is some wu sings ohn live tv wif no clothe,so dz tng aint a big deal

  5. Tans my brother henry fayo i like ur comment u v just said my mind we all kno dat we r in the endtime nd d devil has taking over d world dat is y they walk naked on d road nd also perform naked on d stage all these they do just 2 be a fame bt they v 4gotten dat God still owe d world nd he is watching them nd also laughing them wen it is time 2 claim wat belong 2 him hmmmm i just pray dat he will find us worthy in Jesus name amen

  6. When God made woman naked, she said she want to be clothe , now that he had clothe her she wants to be naked. You are supposed to do what God wants not God to do what you want. Get that?

  7. Who are u guys to judge her??? It is none of you’re biz if she decides to appear dis way. Most of u do worst things in secret. Mind u’re own biz nd leave God to do d judging..

  8. I do not blame her for such an act, she was only trying to postrate the image of her family. It’s their culture so life moves on.

  9. I blame people who look up to her as their model, ever those who follow her on twitter… What in her life is inspiring them????? Stop fooling around with satan and his fallen angels and agents.

  10. u dey mind that FOOLISH girl. ( God say we shd cover our nakedness.) if u talk say to cover nakedness no good, why not comot all the thing way u use cover ur self and work naked on d street, like mad people. If ur broda or 6star do smthing way no good tell them. “princess”

  11. Its rily amazng dat ppl re so much blindfolded nd brain washed dat dey re supportng evil…may God help us all nd open our eyez to c wat we re jokng with…. Amen

  12. She. Need the intervention of God in her life. I pray she realise that no one that pride, fame and authority to heaven. If she like let her be. The devil himself.

  13. Watz wrong wit her…as in dis is one of d reason why most of d female musicians lost deir fans all over d world…is she tripping 4 d guy or wat??

  14. Dats d western behaviour,we are folowing here in nigeria..wait a bit our musician wil soon reach there…tink deeply…americans..are ..well dnt let me talk..its nt yet tym

  15. Now that is the new style for satan to win soul,by letting musician pull off huhh….they got notin to looz bcuz they a allready he’s propaty so keep religeon aside diz.

  16. There has to be a separation
    from unholiness before there can
    be a true relationship between
    you and God. If you want to start
    a relationship with God that
    generates power, you need to
    make a commitment to stay away
    from unholiness. (1 Thessalonians
    4:7). I encourage you to walk in

  17. There has to be a separation
    from unholiness before there can
    be a true relationship between
    you and God. If you want to start
    a relationship with God that
    generates power, you need to
    make a commitment to stay away
    from unholiness. (1 Thessalonians
    4:7). I encourage you to walk in
    Righteousness must be exalted.


  19. Shud i say ‘guess’ now or just 2 b ‘certained n sure’ dat Africans like 9ja shud colonize these westerners in culture acculturation and traditional uprightedness 2 atleast lift up their sense of the human person in them and their dignity 2wards self dignity which has become the opposite of their living there in western country. I Luv 9ja despite d outcome of difficulties and what have you but talking of social traditional way of life, my dear westerners need 2 b colonized in such aspect.

  20. It make sence, Concider her Umbrella song. she is not practice any religion, inpact she is a piramison member.

  21. Survey well before u judge… We all knew Rihanna often with such character…. Who knw whether there’s a bet btw Rihanna & guy. 2 confirm whether his manhood will rise seeing her nude… Thou shal nt judge

  22. Well wat I have to say here is that all those votin fr her re all seeking license nd visa to the confractanity while sme are already members so stop talkin rubish lookin fr who to convert cos all of u including the harlot singer can nt overshadow God , everyone will surely G̲̣‎​​‎​​e̶̲̥̅̊τ̣̣̥ his reward tomorrow

  23. O my! dont you guys get it? Rihanna is a sex bomb that has been exploding over and over! Just don’t get caught up in the inferno!

  24. Why are you worried or have you not been told that all these things will come to pass….
    This is the end time. This time, I don’t think that GOD is going to tell anyone that HE is coming… But HE is only going to give you sign just as HE had said earlier.

  25. Have you also take note of the commonly use musical ear phone in campus that 6 is always written on it…..
    Why not 4,3,5,7or 8 but 6, the mark of the beast…..
    Anyway, i just want us to be observant of the things around us.
    And put on ur shoe for christ, He comes soon!

  26. Prostitution, Bribery, cheating during examination and general curruptions are also sign of end time….
    @endtime, the devil make sin easy to commit…..
    So, be cauteous and never do any of these!

  27. Good girl gone bad is a song by her , u need ntt to be told who she are.. In life we have different type of personality ,, she is she,, u Ara u, we all just have to be different in our own bean ,, we should not mine d character off people nd begin to judge , we should remember u are not god,, … Let god be d judge… I rest my case……


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