[Opinion] Many Nigerian Women Don’t Know How to Read

And they say “What a man can do, a woman can do better!” It may be true of the western women who try to demonstrate a remarkable showmanship in an effort to topple the achievements of their male counter parts.
In Nigeria, women don’t even try. For instance, why is it that of all the articles posted online and in print, the most responsive audience are men? Even those written exclusively for women are responded on by men!
Recently I read several posts on different websites commenting on various news updates from the Boston bombings to why women work. There were at least 1807 responses from women. Now if you agree with me, this is not obtainable in Nigeria.
Our women are generally responsive only to social gossip and entertainment updates; even at that they just skim the headlines and run off to share the latest info with friends. In my previous post I commented on the prudence of Islamic girls. Of all the responses, only two were women.
Where are Nigerian Ladies when it comes to intellectual development? Is it of any wonder then that we are hardly taken seriously on our own account? If we were to pursue matters of the intellect more aggressively like our western counter parts, our prestige and productivity would experience a higher tangent.
Men should encourage their female acquaintances to read and write more. Rather than shower the woman next door with frivolities, get a copy of a good News paper. The earlier literacy defunct is arrested amongst Nigerian women, the more we shall see the likes of the Okonjo’s, and the Akunyili’s.
Susan Uchenna
esuchenna @gmail.com


  1. Hey you don’t have to be this harsh on us women, don’t you know how busy some of women are. You don’t expect a house wife That has a lot to do in the house to be wasting her time in the net. What do you think will become of her prio, we are literate but we have more responsible than our men. Think of it.

  2. “waste ur time on the internet” this statement is very absurb. The question is between men and women, who is the busiest? The truth is women would spent more time on social networks than read articles to improve their mind. The average woman is placid, defensive and not active and hungry for information like the men.

  3. Susan, a woman might read a post but may just decide nt 2 comment. D fact dat u don’t get comments 4rm women does nt mean dey don’t. value informatn. I follow ur write ups and I enjoy it. Keep it up. An average nigerian woman will decide 2 follow up news, even read other peoples comment but might c it as a waste of time 2 post her own comment. I don’t find it easy myself. But dis is a challenge 2 some of us. U wil c ao well we can do.

  4. When there is no woman to stand and air the view of women. Then, women will always be relegated to the background(kitchen). No matter their qualifications? So as a woman speak for women. Never be docile, passive or placid. Be agile.


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