Northern Youths Warn MEND Against Carrying Out Threat


Apparently angered by last Sunday’s threat by the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, MEND, to commence bombing of mosques and killing of Muslim clerics as from May 31 to avenge the death of Christians killed by the Islamist sect, Boko Haram, and ensure Christians are defended against further attacks, northern youths yesterday, promised to make militants bite their fingers in regret should they carry out their plan.

The National President of the Arewa Youths Forum, Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo Gujungu in Abuja handed out the warning, adding that the threat by MEND would not in any way deter northerners and other Nigerians from fighting back should they attempt to make real their threat.

“The most recent threat by MEND is indeed unfortunate, callous and counter productive, especially coming at a time when patriotic Nigerians are making strident effort and sacrifices to resolve the current security challenge.

“MEND, as usual, is putting spanners in the works for unpatriotic selfish economic benefits. It is painful that these elements are threatening more violence despite the colossal amount being paid their leadership and the training of Niger Delta youths abroad by the Federal Government to the obvious disadvantage of other Nigerian youths outside the region.

“MEND and its members are hereby warned that they do not have monopoly of ideas, strength or ability. The youths of the north and other Nigerians are united and shall face them to truncate any of their threats which are aimed at separating Nigerians along religious or ethnic divides for their selfish economic goals.

“It is very sad and mind boggling to note that instead of supporting and ensuring that President Jonathan succeeds in finding a lasting solution to the present security challenge in the north, MEND has re-opened another insecurity theatre in the Niger Delta to cause distraction and make him fail.

“The obvious disrespect, which MEND shows to President Jonathan as not being among those they respect enough to intervene in the ongoing debacle, is food for thought, to say the least,” Gujungu noted.

Reacting to the matter, spokesperson of the defunct Niger-Delta Liberation Force, NDLF, ‘Captain’ Mark Anthony, said the planned action by MEND will be good.

“If MEND can carry out their threat, it will be a welcome development, the Christians Boko Haram roasted with bombs in hundreds are human beings. While we were in the creek, we made preparations to pay Boko Haram in their own coin, but Niger-Delta politicians pleaded with us never to carry out operations in the land.

“Now, my hands are tied as Federal Government has granted me amnesty and my group, NDLF, and I have sworn to an oath never to engage in violence. I am now a toothless bulldog and cannot bite,” he said.

Rev Usifo however opposed the plan by MEND to defend Christians, but said Christians should arm themselves.

“They should not burn mosques and kill Muslim clerics, I am not in support of that. But I want to say that Christians should arm themselves and also seek the services of security agencies to guard their churches. In a situation where people come to attack them and burn their churches, they should defend themselves,” Usifo said.

A prominent activist, Mr. Augustine Ogedengbe, also cautioned against retaliatory attacks by any group from the Niger-Delta. He said he would want MEND and any other group claiming to represent Niger-Delta to be mindful of the fact that Boko Haram was fashioned to frustrate the Federal Government, headed by a Niger-Deltan and carrying out reprisal action could precipitate more bloodbaths.


  1. Its very sad that arewa youths have and many other groups have never stood up to protest against the killing of christians but only protest when some one wants to revenge its very sad that this is happening when a southern guy is at aso rock its better the country be divided peacefullY than put millions to

  2. it does not really matter wat d northern youth really say against is a well known fact dat dis boko haram are tryin to kil all our xtian broda’s and sista living there.Boko haram is a threat to the Nigeria Govt.they shud be dealt wit and not granting them amnesty.they donLt deserve d amnesty d hausa’s have crude oil??

  3. Hum does MEND realy knw its talking about? I guess they are nonentities. I’m a muslim with a christian wife from Akwa ibom andwe are happy but yet a victim of boko haram. So what does this group portain? Let us not start violence that we will all regret atlast. MEND should knw there are few muslims in Niger Delta but several millions of Niger Deltans in d North. Humm be warned.

  4. Division is imminent. Please, do it peacefully now or violently later. Because, naturally the country has always been divided. Let us stop the pretence and lies of oneness. Saving the life of the least citizen is more heroic than saving the name, nigeria. Be wise.


  6. It is so unfortunate that our president is the cause of all this nonsense. What was wrong with Good luck declaring these worrisome areas a state of emergency!!!! One thing i know for sure is that no group can over power the government unless the government has a hand in or has what it is benefiting from the group. Now Arewa youth truelly truelly did not rise up all these while when killings of innocent souls have been taking place. Just because MEND has frowned on the incessant killings and they are opening their mouth to speak trash!!!! May God help us all. If they had kicked against the previous killings and bombing all these while, nobody will be supporting MEND’s statement.

  7. These nagging divisions are a part of d last days’ prophecies. No one can possibly eradicate these events, not even the president. More of these threats shall still surface. but there will be eternal safety for d true believers in christ. boko haram or mend, be sure your name is the book of life. This is what christian leaders should emphasize and not mere self guide wc is secondary. Thanks

  8. This strongly confirm that most Northern leaders and groups are in support of mindless killing of innocent Nigerian including Muslims by Boko Haram. Too bad.

  9. so now they have mouth? their mouths were close when those bloodsucking demons were busy killing Christians and bombing their churches? God will judge them all because the God of the Christians can not be mocked.

  10. @Arewa. Where have u being when your brothers where killing our innocent christians oh oooooh you thought that you are the lion on the jungle;because the Niger Delta freedom fighters have embrace amnesty and surrendered their arms ,and the leaders are well known ,let me tell u the original ASAWANA aggressive guys are invisible and now the time for avengers has come the war that you peoples are looking for, that Jonathan should not rule with peace after all the region sustains 90 percent of the nations economy yet somebody who hails from that region suppose not to rule,this is injustice,undemocratic,is unobtainable from any part of the world, Be worn ed MEND is known to always said and done.

  11. I don’t blame all of u may b because u are not in d north,u guys are saying nonsense am very such in each operation Carried out d rate of Muslim killed is greater than dat of d Christances apart 4rm dat how many Christances were arrested with bomb if u ask me? i will say d Christan 2 were among d set.

  12. There is nothing like northern youths. There is only hausa/fulani maggots and the rest of the north is acceptable. The enemy of xtians is hausa/fulani. Not northern Nigeria. MEND pls take note. You can start blasting them in their mosques starting this friday. They deserve no less…fucking terrorists.

  13. “Arewa”,as the name sounds;illiteracy.where were you guys when your brothers were killing the innocent ones in the north .now it is the time for the good freedom fighters in the south to retaliate you guys are there lamenting.this is just the beginning.we pray for peace but if the north doesn’t want peace ,MEND the freedom fighters in the south are going to fight back .

  14. I am tired of this Niger-Delta & Igbo’s sef Abeg let us divide the country sef. Hahahaha, idiots, thats what they want & they will never get it ISHA-ALLAH. Nigeria will remain One till the World comes to an end.


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