Movie: “Ninah’s Dowry” Brings Cameroon Film Industry Into Spotlight


The AMAAs are full of twists and turns every year. This year’s biggest surprise was when, for the first time ever, a Cameroonian movie won the Special Jury Award—in other words, the AMAA award for Best African Film of 2013.

The movie “Ninah’s Dowry,” which was directed by Cameroonian-born Victor Viyuoh, went into the AMAA’s which held at Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, with seven nominations including best actor and actress in a leading role, best achievement in screenplay and best child actor.

Ninah’s Dowry” went on to beat South Africa’s “Elelwani” and Kenya’s “Nairobi Half Life” to receive that prestigious award. This same weekend, “Ninah’s Dowry” received three Dikalo Awards including;  Best Feature Length Film, Best Actor and Best Actress at the Festival International du Film Pan African in Cannes.

Here are some reviews it got:

“It’s a simple story which relates to every family in Africa and even beyond. In this film, we stand against domestic violence and preach love to every household”…Victor Viyouh (director)

Ninah’s Dowry is putting Cameroon out there for the world to see how far we’ve gone. It’s just incredible how much it has achieved in just a short time”… Eka Christa (Actress)

Ninah’s Dowry” is a typical African movie that centers on a pregnant, abused, runaway wife whose husband goes on a mission to find and bring her back home or have his dowry be returned to him.

“Cameroonian film makers are extremely proud of this film and we are been urged to push forward and make a difference in all we venture into.” Sahndra Fon Defu (actress and producer)


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