MEND Threatens To Attack Mosques, Islamic Clerics, Others

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has threatened to launch violent attacks on mosques, hajj camps, Islamic institutions, large congregations of Islamic followers, as well as assassinations of clerics who propagate doctrines of hate.


According to MEND in a statement issued on Sunday evening and signed by its spokesperson Gbomo Jomo, the proposed attacks is a crusade to save Christianity in Nigeria from annihilation and will form the core mission of this crusade code named “Operation Barbarossa”.

According to MEND, “On behalf of the hapless Christian population in Nigeria, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (M.E.N.D), will from Friday, May 31, 2013, embark on a crusade to save Christianity in Nigeria from annihilation. The bombings of mosques, hajj camps, Islamic institutions, large congregations in Islamic events and assassinations of clerics that propagate doctrines of hate, will form the core mission of this crusade code named “Operation Barbarossa”.

“This campaign will not in any way interfere with the ongoing “Hurricane Exodus” – which on Saturday, April 13, 2013, at about 01:00 Hrs, swept through the Ewellesuo community, Nembe, Bayelsa State, leaving the destruction of well 62, belonging to Shell Petroleum in its wake. We may only consider a ceasefire of “Operation Barbarossa” if the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Catholic Church and Henry Okah, one of the few leaders in the Niger Delta region we respect for his integrity, intervenes. Also the assurance for a cessation of hostilities targeted at Christians in their places of worship, made privately or publicly by the real Boko Haram leadership will make us call off this crusade.”

Contacted on the development, the Media Coordinator of the JTF, Lt. Col. Onyema Nwachukwu stated that those attempting to christen themselves MEND today are impostors and a bundle of “never do wells” who want to be accorded undue recognition at the ex pence of the peace currently savoured in the Niger Delta, “The lack of focus and genuineness of intention of this gang seeking to hide under the name of MEND is apparent in its statements. As it continues to contradict itself. ”

“You recall that it had earlier claimed to be acting under the directives of Henry Orkar and now it refers to the same person as just one of the respected leaders of the Niger Delta. Now they are seeking sympathy and acceptance of the public by claiming to want to avenge for Christians. Niger Deltans be not deceived by the tricks of the devil. Lawlessness is never a solution. Obviously their aim is to engender panic and a sense of insecurity in the region using MEND’s name but we assure them that their cup is full and will soon be caught up with by the law.”

“We urge all Community leaders, opinion leaders and all peace loving Niger Deltans not to panic but rather firmly dissociate themselves from these criminals and to collaborate with the JTF and other security agencies in ensuring that we rid our society of these criminals.”

On MEND’s claim of being responsible for the massive oil leakages from Oil Well 62 in Ewerusuo community in Nembe kingdom,the JTF spokesperson argued that the claim is false. “The claim by those criminals of blowing up a well head is false as our troops on patrol along Nembe Creek 1 Flow Station have earlier reported an incident of oil spill on water around Owelesu Community in Nembe resulting from the activities of oil thieves and a joint patrol team comprising of JTF troops and Nigerian Navy personnel was able to trace the spillage.”

“The troops observed a fresh dug out possibly for laying illegal pipeline and fresh foot prints which were traced to a small camp. Items such as hack saw for cutting pipeline, 3 shovels, food items, cooking pots, sleeping mat, foot wears, bags of pure water and clothes were found in the camp. It was suspected that some miscreants were trying to open up a new illegal loading point. The camp has been destroyed in situ and patrols will be maintained. The oil well was shut down to avoid further spill pending repairs.”

Source: Leadership



  1. the so called group, “MEND” want to use christianity as their umbrella in the pursuance of their selfish-interest.

    • when boko haram used Islam to perpetrate evil, whats happened?, they were granted amnesty, let them start their own too, at least to get their own share of the cake…its like taking up arms is what make the government recognise u now in Nigeria…nonsence

  2. Let them go ahead, may God help them to succeed. When they dont fight what can the JTF. Au many Boko men they don catch, JTF just dey waste gov money. Go ahead boys and let show those cow then no reach.

  3. Let them go ahead, may God help them to succeed. When they dont fight what can the JTF do to savage situation. Au many Boko men JTF don catch, JTF just dey waste gov money. Go ahead boys and let show those cow then no reach.

  4. Look at these unsrupolous elements! Try it and see whether you will succeed? Whatever you want to happen in Nigeria should happen. Your thoughts are that you have the big shores at Abuja? Try it and see, you hopeless southerners.

  5. Am highly disappointed at some of our leaders and their selfish thoughts just because it has’nt disturbed their homes and we forget its a natural dissaster which can com 2 anyone 4 d mend they hav d right 2 b angry,all u can do is 2 support d killing of christians not talking shit

  6. Wt is really wrong with so call MEND,No region should claim monopoly of violence. Are you the only tribe in Nigeria,useless people,people without identity,d issue of biafra war still generating contrivercial till now,U ar now still sing another warned,no one is immune to ……..

  7. MEND or wat ever u call ur misserable group u ever touch any muslim in this country we will touch every christian in our mist and it will be 2 per head or 1 to 2.

  8. Look at what this info has just caused,why don’t we reason b4 we say?,the BH issue is not only destroying christians nd christianity,it’s doing more harm to Islam,Muslims and ofcourse the if you think MEND’s retalliation in the south will solve this problem,then you are wrong,perhaps u’ll realise that only when you find NO HOME to stay in,NO PARENTS to care for…oh Allah,save islam,muslims and all that love peace from the evil of men,Amin.

  9. Ameenn, oh u fink u gona finish we MUSLIMS I 9ja wit dis ur cowrish group. We r not BOKO HARAMS, they r our ENEMIES as they. Are 2 u xtains

  10. “Vengence is of the Lord” God Almighty, knows when and how to punish those who split innocent blood. MEND, leave the battle for God!


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