Man Resorts To Stealing Car To Rush Pregnant Girlfriend To Hospital

A pregnant woman in-labor drove herself to the hospital as her boyfriend 31-year-old Robert Boudreaux from Deltona Florida does not have a license to drive a vehicle.

02b37e2cc9a976837e9e6593349e7967On the way to the hospital the girlfriend’s car ran out of gas so the couple walked several miles. After the 22-year-old girlfriend began to feel dehydrated and complained that she was bleeding, Boudreaux came up with a plan, instead of calling 911 or a cab, Boudreaux stopped a passing car and asked the driver to take them to the hospital but the driver refused to take them.

Boudreaux threatened the driver with murder if he did not rush his girlfriend to the hospital. When the driver refused again, Boudreaux proceeded to pull the driver out of the car and throw him to the ground. Boudreaux and his girlfriend got into the car and proceeded to the hospital. As soon as Boudreaux drove away the car owner called the police.

Boudreaux was arrested in the hospital parking lot and charged with armed carjacking, fleeing a law-enforcement officer and driving with a suspended license. Police officers did not recover any weapons, the victim told police that he never saw a gun, nonetheless he was charged with “armed” carjacking.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement records show that Boudreaux has been arrested more than two dozen times and has been sentenced for offenses that include domestic violence, possession of cocaine, burglary, aggravated assault, and being a hit-and-run driver. This latest arrest was his third arrest this year


  1. that driver shud rather for attempted murder , inhumanity , lack of self conscience , inpatriotism , nonenity , nuisance , infidelity , carelessness on the life of fellow citizens and false causations on the life of å desperate and frustrated fellow. I rest my case


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