Lightning Kills Student

Following the heavy rain that fell across Lagos State Tuesday, the accompanying lightning struck dead a Senior Secondary School 3 student of Muslim College,

There was wailing in the school when the incident occurred.

The incident disrupted academic activities in the school.

The name of the female student was simply given as Celestina Farotide. Her school authorities refused to comment on the issue and referred  journalists to the education district.

A student of the school, who craved anonymity, said that the incident occurred around 8.00 am shortly after the morning assembly while the students were still outside their classrooms.

Thunder and lightning erupted and waves of shock swept through the school during which Celestine was struck dead.

Teachers and students of the school have been told not to speak to pressmen and no one is talking.

Sister of the deceased, Idowu Adegite told P.M.NEWS that they were called from the home Tuesday that their sister fell down and that they should come to Gbagaga General Hospital, saying that on getting there, they met the 19-year old girl dead.

She said they were told that she might have been killed by lightning.

A community leader in the area, Mr. Babajide Kabiawu told our reporter that there was lightning around 8.00 am during the rainfall, saying that a high tension poll was struck by the lightning while several items were destroyed.

He stated that several passers-by at Olokomeji area had to quickly drop their umbrellas when the lightning struck as they felt some shocks in their body.

According to him, what government should do is to install anti-lightning equipment at the premises of the school to prevent similar incident.

He said the school was close to the lagoon and that it was over-populated, with about 150 students choked in a class, adding that the school is also faced with the problem of flood.


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