Lecturer Stabbed To Death By Students In Kogi Poly Riot

Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja

A senior lecturer of the Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, Mr. Anthony Amebija, was on Thursday night stabbed to death by yet to be identified students during a riot that broke out on the school campus.

Eyewitnesses said the lecturer was on his way to pick his wife and daughter when he noticed a riot was going on and went to the scene of the riot where he was stabbed in the stomach by the students.

Sources say Amebija was hated by a lot of students for his strictness. He never takes bribe to award marks to students and this sources said put him in the ‘black book’ of the warring students.

“On sighting him, the students forgot their quarrel, stopped his car, dragged him out, turned the fight on him and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach and left him bleeding on the ground”, a source said.

Amebija, who taught research methodology and entrepreneurship before his death, was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.


  1. He acted very irresponsibly, for a man who knows he has a family to carter for how can he see rioting students and go and meet them? That is asking for trouble and he got it plenty. The first thing to do when anyone comes accross a mob is to move far away from them and notify the police not to go and attempt to calm them yourself. May his soul find peace with God but he put his family in great distress by his actions.

  2. very sad….homefront has lost it….value system eroded…..families now breed potential kidnappers,ritualists ,cultists,assassins,NFA’s,incorrigible delinquents,impudent psycho wards students…..neglected n corrupted by d impunitised societal disorderly system called nigeria…may God help us.

  3. The attah of igala association @ kogi poly was on exam hall where he use his phone in browing questions from google and late mr Nathaniel Abimaje caught him and there ws anoda guy he also caught recivin call and mr Abimaje colect the atta of igala’s answer scrept and later show it 2 d pannel. The reason 4 mr Abimaje 2 do dat is dat he z a man of God and a senior lectural and alrdy he has taken oath. My his soul rest in perfect peace with ur truth and justice.


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