Inspiration: Get A Partner, Form A Team and Forge Ahead!

You have heard it said every now and again that two heads are always better than one. When two people are engaged in a journey, there is a great level of comfort reason being that in the event of any eventuality, there will be a cover. Even the bible said that when two or more persons are gathered together in God’s name, he is with them. Similarly in Islamic jurisprudence, the consensus of the Sahabas was also a source of the Islamic law. What point am I trying to draw here? Whenever two or more persons come together in furtherance of a common purpose the chances at its being fruitful is always high.

There are people like you out there who share your passion and your dreams but have not been able to put them into manifestation because they have not got the fuel to kick start this dream. Unfortunately enough, many of them find themselves dying with this dream or outlive the age they should have fanned its embers and live with regrets for the rest of their lives. Many people out there especially among the youth population are most vulnerable to this social cum psychological malaise.

You don’t have to be like them. Look around your friends inwardly and see those who share your passion or those who have the potentials of doing that which you are good at. Locate them, engage them in a conversation, start as little as you can and watch yourselves grow every day. Make your group or team competitive and avoid unnecessary distractions which are bound to set in. many successful people in the world today started as a group of few intellectual minds who were able to see beyond the horizon their peers could see and has today affected their world positively.

There is no corollary to this rule. It is easy but yet hard. And why won’t it be hard? Nothing is easy but everything becomes easy to those who never give up. Go out today. Get your partners. Form a team and then forge ahead.
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