INCREDIBLE! Babcook University Increases School Fees To N3million

dd4a58c5f73261fcd5c4364d9702b432This issue of exorbitant school fees is really getting out of hand and TON is of the opinion that it’s time the Federal Government call our Christian private universities to order. How much does an average graduate earn in the workplace in Nigeria today that you will ask parents to pay as high as N3million per session for their children to get a degree?

See details of the new fees from Babcook University below
From next session students who want to continue their education with Babcook will pay the following:

(1) Medicine – N3million

(2) Law – N2million

(3) Accounting – N1.5million

(4) Nursing – N1million

(5) Others – N860,000


  1. We live in a terrible country with a lot of bias in our thinking and speech. The writer of this article just demonstrated this with his so-called ‘christian private universities’. Well, I know where he is headed already but I went to Igbinedion university, and it is much more expensive than most of the ‘christian universities’. Maybe the writer is ignorant of that, but we shouldn’t get to a point where what a christian does is criticised while a ‘non-christian’ that does same is ignored or even commended. I believe Babcock will not force anyone to study there. Because I can’t afford the school fees at Harvard for instance does not mean I should criticise Harvard, others can afford it and they like it.

  2. I much so agree with the fact that the name Christian universities is bias. However, it’s important that these private universities should stop to see themselves as foreign universities and charges are measured in foreign currencies.

  3. This is not reasonable at all ,i am currently a medical student in one of the university abroad and my school fees is less than a million ,what am i saying in essence ? even school here in the states were all facilities are provided with a good atmosphere for learning ,their presidents are considerate and reasonable with the tution fee , no matter what faciility the school is giving to the students it doesn’t warrant the inflation of tution fee to such a high price.common ,a christian school for that matter ,are you auctioning the school to support the church or what,this is UNFAIR !!!

    • To get a good education anywhere is expensive.babcook is not the first school to charge above a million can’t get any good uni in the state cheaper than even cost more in the state.

  4. This is outrageous!Please let’s not employ religious sentiments here,all those private universities should be sanctioned.The fees they charge are just too exorbitant and d quality of their graduates doesn’t even justify such fees.Most of these universities rely on part time lecturers instead of spending money to employ full time lecturers and they end up producing what can best be described as ‘quarter baked graduates’.I wll rather go for a good public university in Nigeria than all those so called private universities.

  5. Haba, The university is not forcing anyone to register with them. When are we going to stop making issues out of nothing in this country?That’s how you always heat up the polity. Federal Govt Universities are there, Why don’t you try them for goodness sake? At least some employers still prefer graduates from Fed. Universities!

  6. The reality is that if the cost of doing business is reduced, the charging of this so called private university will reduce. 24/7 water supply, power supply and other necessities in a country where government is doing absolutely nothing to make life comfortable. Please leave them it is meant for the rich. The PV are now being used to show class. Please, let the other attend public versities.


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