Former High Court Judge Advocates Death Penalty For Corruption

Justice Tajudeen Odunowo, a retired judge of the Federal High Court has called on lawmakers to make death penalty the punishment for any person who steals N1 billion and above, noting that only draconian laws can put a stop to corruption in the country.

Speaking at the Nigerian Institute of Management, NIM 2013 lecture on Good Governance themed ‘Enforcement of Law and Order’ in Lagos, Odunowo pointed out that corruption existed in other parts of the world but if caught, the culprit would receive a punishment equal to the offence committed, but culprits walk free in Nigeria, or receive insignificant punishment.

“I recommend that a draconian law be introduced, so that the minimum sentence one gets for stealing is the time it took the offender to steal the money, and property got with the wealth should be forfeited.

“Corruption exists in Europe and America but once caught, you face the music.

“I appeal that the punishment for corruption, if you stole more than a billion naira, be death.”

“We say in Nigeria that we are following the American system, but in America they don’t give their senators cars or house.

“In fact, the food that the American President eats with members of his household is from his salary.

“We should be ready to stand up for the truth, the system of government we are running cannot be said to be true federalism.”

In his welcome speech, president of the institute, Chief Michael Olawale-Cole, said the day is equally set aside to x-ray challenges that the manager faces in the effective discharge of his day-to-day functions in the work place.

“Solutions are proffered on the best way he can go about his duties in line with international best management practices in order to achieve set goals and targets. This is not forgetting to address the issues of integrity, accountability, probity, honesty and dedication to duty which are the bane of the nation’s workplace and economy,” Chief Olawale-Cole said.



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