For The Ladies: 10 Signs That Your Man Is Serious About You

A lot of men tend to be uncomfortable when it comes to confessing their feelings. However, if you read his body language, you can tell how he feels about you. The following are signs that your man is serious about you:

1. He Shares Your Pain

Guys who are in love often share your feelings and offer you support when you’re nervous or sad. This is the moment when they strip off their masculinity and show their sensitive side. Furthermore, they will become excited when you are and want to share their most fascinating stories and experiences with you.

2. He Stands Close To You

If a man stands close to you in public, he sends the message that he’s already committed. It’s his unconscious way of announcing to the world that “This is my girl”. This act also reveals that he wants to be in constant touch with you.

3. He Calls/Texts Often

A guy who calls or texts you frequently has serious intentions about you. People love to share an idea or experience with their loved ones.
Whether he wants your advice, opinion or he only wants to make you laugh, the point is that you’re the first person who came into his mind. It’s good when a guy texts/calls any time, any day. If your texts are mostly from him and your call log is filled with his calls then he’s most likely for real.

4. Eye Contact

Research has shown that individuals who are in love look at their partner 75 percent of the time. Moreover, they will react more slowly to different things that distract their attention. If he’s always staring at you then you hold a special place in his heart.

5. Talking About Children

Men love to show their sensual and protective side to women they really love. Therefore, if he starts to talk about children or baby names with you, it is a clear sign of his deepest affection.

6. A Different Body Language

If a man has a different body language when you’re around or on a date, it clearly means that he wants to impress you. Guys often touch their hair or face if they feel embarrassed or shy in the company of the one they love.

7. Preferential Treatment

Guys often offer preferential treatment for girls they are in love with. If he tells a story and he focuses mainly on your reaction, he definitely has some feelings for you.

8. He Improves His Personal Appearance

Men often feel the urge to improve their personal appearance to impress a woman. Grooming becomes a priority for them. If your man seems to care a lot about his appearance, especially when you’re there, it’s a sign that he’s hooked.

9. He’s Not Afraid To Be Silly With You

When a man is really comfortable with you and plans to make you a part of his life, he won’t be scared to show you his funny side. If you’re always laughing around each other, then you might just have found true love.

10. He Makes Sacrifices For You

Like they say, if a guy pauses a video game for you, you should marry him. A guy who abandons a football game or a night out with the guys to spend time with you is definitely serious about you.


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